Well,  my world is changing really quickly these days, so its no wonder Im having days when I feel totally overwhelmed.  Not to mention forgetful and scared silly.  

Then the fog lifts and I can see clearly.  Dots are joined, it all makes sense and I am certain again of what I am doing.   



What are you wanting to achieve this year.

For a long time I never bothered planning for the upcoming year. It was always – more of the same – work, bills, no time, stress, boring..  – That’s life.

Well Ive shifted from that place and its possible for you too, if you so desire.

For the last year I have been working secretly on growing my expressions business. That means that this has been the longest I have committed to any home business, and Ive done a few.   So finally I have had some mindset shifts in the right direction and things are working out beautifully!

Beside all that – another milestone – has been 1 year of online learning.  



In twelve months, – with hardly any effort (kicking myself here) I have grown my little business.  

Its been a great year – and surprisingly I don't feel like I have really been "pushing' my business – or myself.   As usual I look back at my resutls and say – "if only"  –  If only I had told more people, if only I had gotten out more,  if only I had advertised. 

Had I of put just a little more effort into it – I would be in an even nicer spot right now. 

Anyways – you live and learn!!    I know what I have to do, so it wont take me long to get bigger results now.

Taking being cautious into consideration, I was actually working a full time j.o.b. too so time was an issue,  I should cut myself some slack.



In my employee mindset, I was focusing on creating wealth for me (like earning a wage) however as I have transitioned to an Entrepreneur, I realise that keeping all that I have learned to myself is just plain selfish.  

I should be offering to share my knowledge in case anyone I know is seeking to create extra income, change their lifestyle or have more freedom. 

When I can understand, appreciate and almost grasp the reality of living a life that is so different to what I am used to… why shouldn’t I share it.

If for some reason you are just a little bit interested in exploring something outside the square that will give you more wealth, freedom and life – contact me.

I want the freedom to travel when I want, to have 2 or 3 months off at a time,   to have no stress about whether I can afford the things I want,  and to be able to follow a passion of helping others – the way I want – with no funding body criteria – other than my own!!

So whilst Ive been busy beating myself up over not making any “real” progress –  the last 12 months haven’t entirely been wasted.   There is a learning curve – and for the most part I was doing it on my own.   Its only been since having some coaching from two different mentors that things have shifted for me. 


If you know of anyone who may be wanting to change things in their life – even just a little… who is open to exploring options and implementing the steps right from the start (unlike yours truly) – could you please forward this email or my contact details to them so we can get in touch and move forward together.   

I was thinking the other day –  youth of today are so well adjusted to change

We like things to stay safe and secure, and we like to control outcomes.   Gen Y and after – are used to things changing so quickly – instant access to things,  mobile updates, action action action.   

Get with the times people…. Or at the very least broaden your perspective – explore some alternative income options –

If nothing changes  – nothing changes.

At least check out the links on this page to ways to create wealth, freedom and lifestyles to live for.