So.. your thinking about starting an online business.  You’ve done a few google searches and you’ve watched a webinar or two and they all say how easy it is if you just “follow the system”.   

There are so many blueprints, roadmaps, guides and keys to success that you couldn’t possibly go wrong.    

Of course, you may have, like me – tried a few and realised they are ALL scams.  You’ve spent some money and all that has happened is you are more in debt.  All you got from purchasing  ebook after ebook with the claims of success and profits was decreased download time.

Then of course, there is network marketing – become a distributor, follow the system and live a life of freedom and leisure.    Hogwash you say.   I know exactly where you are coming from – been there done that. 

So where to from here if you are disheartened and lost.


You are on your way – and you didn’t know it – did you?  You have just completed phase 1 of the online marketing maze.  You are stepping onto a path to  success.

Yet I still sense some uncertainty,  some cynicism and reluctance. You think Im speaking with a forked tongue.  I just want to rip you off like all the others.   Well, my suggestion to you is:

Be thankful for 2 things.  

You made it to this blog .  Why be thankful for that – because I have been in your shoes and can totally relate to where you are at.   Trust me – it gets easier from here – especially if we start to spend some time together.

You have 2 choices  – you always have two choices.   So what are they, I hear you ask – simple.    Its up to you to decide which option may suit you best but here they are . 

Oh before I give you the two choices I just want to say regardless of which path you choose – there will be hiccups, and challenges – but you are experienced with handling those and will utilize the old strategies that you have used in the past to manage choices.   Don’t worry I wont keep you in suspense any longer – here are your choices.

Would it be ok if I share just a couple more things about Online and Network Marketing before I get those selections to you..  .

I truly believe you can make a lot of money out of pursuing this calling.  (its not a job, or a career – it’s a calling – and you can read this post for clarification about definitions of those.

The earning potential is limitless – as is your creativity – what will stop you is your insecurities and lack of belief.  

So how do I know the earning potential is limitless.   Well Ive been bumbling around the internet for a few years now, trying to make sense of the whole thing and join some dots.   Ive watched people begin with nothing and achieve success (by success I mean – earn a substantial income – obviously success to them is about more than money) – but that is the guage I used .  I have participated in forums and the like listening to how people got started and I have watched them grow.  


Recently I discovered another two things – How you can make money online and why you don’t.

With those two discoveries – my life is about to change.  I know it will change because I am dedicated to making that happen.   I began this wondering if it would happen – and it has taken me a long time to come to the belief that it will happen.   There is so much information there that I can help you with to shorten the length of time it will take you.


If you have read that blog post of the difference between a job, a career and a calling, you also need to understand the difference between an employee and and entrepreneur. 

Very quickly – employees – do as they are told. As an employee you are responsible for someone else’s success.    Employees also have (in their minds) a steady secure income.   Employees also only have weekends to enjoy themselves in.

Entreprenuers – are different.   They have the ability to make the rules, to do what they want to be successful.   Once established they truly have a steady secure income , combined with the time to enjoy it.  And not just weekends by the way. 


So thanks for your patience here, I had better explain those two choices.

                a)  QUIT     or    b)   DO IT DIFFERENTLY.

Simple hey.   Quitting takes no time or effort, its probably something you are familiar with and have mastered and the results are predictable.   You know what you are in for.   – Good choice – right?   Not for this little black duck !!


Well this option may be a bit (lot) daunting, it may cause some concern, it definitely will push you way out of your comfort zone,  you will certainly feel overwhelmed (but not totally –because you will have the right support and connections), and the results are within your control.

Now, your probably thinking,  “I’ve given it my best shot”,  “there’s not a lot I could do differently”, “internet marketing is a scam” or even “my life isn’t that bad”!!

Forgive me for being upfront with you, but I disagree – yes you did give it a shot – but truly – was that the absolute best you can do?   Is there really nothing you would do differently – not just with your online marketing attempts but with your whole life?  If online marketing is a scam – how come it is a multi-million dollar industry – and growing?    Are you living life to your full potential.. have all the lessons you have had been just for you – or would other’s benefit?

PROMISE ME, you will really consider both of those options long and hard before you decide which choice is the right one for you.

Should Quitting be your choice – here’s a video I’ve made based on my experiences and discoveries on Why People Quit – it may give you some insights into your future..

REMEMBER – if you do choose to continue and do life differently – the first thing you need to do differently to change your situation is – join me.  Please allow me to share my knowledge, experiences and connections with you – in order to shortcut your learning curve and get you to where you want to be. 

I’m excited for you.   :P   You have already navigated the first part of the maze.. The buried treasure isn’t that far away.. especially if you follow my treasure map.

OK so there’s only three things you need to move forward, to be

                          *    up for an adventure,

*    open to grow and discover more about yourself – your primary and secondary strengths,  and

*    willing to embrace an Entrepreneurial Business mindset.

If that describes you –  we are going to get along like a house on fire .  Together we will work towards uncovering our buried treasures.