So last post I mentioned the first thing I did was set goals.


I never could understand the purpose of goal setting. Generally the bigger ones never worked out much for me. Yet once I committed to start personal goal setting, it seemed silly to not have them – because things changed for me. They give you clarity, direction and motivate you.

Yet every self help workshop or self help book you read states – create goals. Well this morning at 3.30am, out of the blue, whilst I was sleeping my goal came to me so specific I knew I had to get up and write it down before I forgot it.

I want to be a multi billionaire – rich in wealth, friends and health by the time I am 50, achieved through connecting with people worldwide via my blogging, my network marketing business, my everyday persons self development programme, my motivational speaking, my and workshops, my homeless centres and through increased awareness of opportunities that are presented to me in a way that is manageable and timely for me.

The benefit of setting a career goal is to have something to aim at. Smart goal setting contains the strategies to maintain focus and stay on track to achieve a specific target. A personal goal is what keeps you going when your world seems to be falling apart. It is what keeps you upright. A specific goal sounds so out there and unattainable that it has to work. It works because you have covered every detail. The picture is so clear that you know how you are going to do it.

I listened to a Chris Howard teleseminar today – thankfully – and a couple of things gelled for me… I couldn’t work out why I wasn’t achieving more financial success – it was a goal = and I had been picturing what my life would look like – pretty much exactly how it is now – but with less financial stress – money would be available to cover everything and anything I needed it for. Well no wonder Im not growing.. I didn’t expand my thinking past where I am today – Im stuck here.

So my new “expanded” thinking is the life I live now – but from a different place in the world on a daily basis, with 2 fast cars (a saab and a Lamborghini) in the garage – one for sunny days and one for wet. Surrounded by happy content enthusiastic well meaning people – all with goals to achieve the vision of my everyday persons self development programme. What you focus on expands.

Once I got the hang of developing the big picture – it went off.

An “out there” goal – isn’t bizarre – it may not even be something others would call BIG – but to you personally – it feels big – it feels like when you get it you will be invincible.

Like when you move house – you envisage what furniture has to go out first so that it’s easiest to get into the new house, you pack the things you don’t use the most and leave the most used to last.. you have a plan…

When you sign up to play a sport, or to study – you know what you are going to do, or at least are aware of what you will have to do to get the outcome you signed up for.

Who goes on a holiday without planning where they are going to. How much they want or can spend and what they are going to do when they get there…

That’s why it always works out… if your going to get a job – you know what kind of job, what industry , what skills you need – and you apply yourself to getting them.. You know the steps to take – and you work through each one to get it.

A guide to goal setting is to break what you want to achieve into the steps to get it. Some goals are bigger than everyday things you do. Some goals are easy. Some take no time, some take plenty.

That’s the trouble with setting goals – the timeframe. Everyone wants everything straight away. Society has turned instant – instant coffee, instant access and fast food. Instantly we have turned greedy, impatient, critical, hurtful and lazy. We have lost our Drive.

At the risk of sounding old (because Im not) – I remember when I was a kid – wanting a push bike. Hindsight is amazing, because had I of thought that goal through I wouldn’t have wanted it – once I got it I had to ride to school and that wasn’t in the original goal. My goal was about riding a bike for fun, not the 4 kms to school. Anyway – sidetracked there – I wanted a push bike – but I had to wait for Christmas – we didn’t just get things because we demanded them back then. Not like these days.

I spent months dreaming, looking at magazines, picturing which bike would be mine, selecting colours, accessories etc. I had a clear goal in my mind – and everyone knew exactly what I wanted – just so there was no mistaking which bike would be mine…..

My point is – over the years – you forget about having goals – or dream because generally sometimes the goals you set don’t pan out. Your dreams fall by the wayside because “reality” – keeps you in the same spot. The reason why I stopped dreaming or having goals, Ive discovered is because I wasn’t totally focused on the outcome – and I hadn’t expanded my thinking enough on what it was I wanted.


There are many goal setting theories. There are just as many reasons to not set goals.

Firstly – realise there are different “types of goals”. Realise that we need short term and Long term goals.

Short term goals:
Relate to what you wish to accomplish in the next few months
Can be revised and re placed after you achieve them
Are more flexible
Are easily achieved
Keep you motivated
Provide current direction
Provide guidelines for future action

Long Term goals:
Describe what you would like to achieve – next year or after that.
Can change over time
Take longer to achieve – as they are made up of a lot of short term goals.
Provide motivation and focus
Could possibly involve stepping out of our comfort zones and learning new skills.

Success can be defined by how many of your goals you have realised.

When setting goals be aware of the cycle of failure also. We often can set ourselves up to fail. – We get excited about a goal, set off to achieve, loss enthusiasm and direction and the resulting non achievement of the goal – was unconsciously planned.

When setting goals be S.M.A.R.T.

* Set your goals high, but don’t try to reach for them all at once.
* Work out a step-by step process for achieving them.
* Don’t get bogged down and overwhelmed then quit.

S is for specific – define the goal with clarity. Picture the result, feel the emotion of achieving it, hear the excitement of success… be clear on what you want to get.
M is for measurable – know how you will know when you have completed the task
A is for achievable – is this something that you know you can do.
R is for realistic – do you feel that this goal is realistic for you. Are you committed to accomplishing it.
T is for Timely – set specific timeframes to achieve the results… that way you will know if you are on target..

Take a minute today and think about how you can reach some goals you may not have reached by simply starting small – one idea and task at a time.