Fast Forward 6 years (wow – time flies).

Now I am on a different journey – my past journey of self discovery and personal development remains, as I have realised it is an ongoing process – akin to business’s continual improvement.

If you take what you learn and work with it – the new version is always more personally aware – which is beneficial not only to myself but to others.

Looking back, some of the decisions I have made would have to go in the Do Differently pile if I ever have to make those choices again.

Yet the best part is that during the last 6 years if I had not made those particular choices – I would not have the wisdom of today – which will enable me to move forward with a greater sense of self, more purpose and clarity and a renewed sense of passion for life.

That’s the whole thing about personal discovery and self awareness – you have to analyse yourself (or get someone else to do it for you – but its best if you do it!) so you can work out what things affect you, what they mean to you – and then why you react.

Personal development is just that – personal. My explanations for situations and reactions are mine alone – you will see things through different eyes – based entirely on your own personal experiences and the results you have achieved.

I have written another article on Why Counselling Doesn’t Work you may wish to check out..


After realising that I am a work in progress, I have now turned my hand in a different direction as part of my personal growth experience.

In my search for a better life I discovered the world of network marketing and internet marketing. Direct Selling and Party Plan was a concept I was aware of and had participated in previously, however unsuccessfully.

With fresh eyes from my personal development experiences, I was able to look back at past times in party plan businesses and ascertain the areas I need to improve on.

At the time I felt it was the company at fault. Which when you think about it is ridiculous as I believed in the product – wouldn’t sell anything that I didn’t think was good. The company is still going and successful… so what else was there to blame. You guessed it – yours truly had to do a deep dive into herself to see where or what I had not done to improve my life. This is a great way to improve your life and embrace change.

So becoming involved in a personal development network marketing business expedited my personal development in such a positive way, as it gave me fresh eyes to see. I was then able to take the steps needed to move forward and begin anew.

The good thing however, is that you are not alone, you can join and develop lifelong friendships with like minded people.

People who have their own visions but who are also understanding and supporting of your vision.

It has been a long time coming for me to grasp the concept of Residual Income and the importance of a Coach – for business and life and also being part of a Mastermind Program.

Both, I have come to realise, are essential if you wish to grow and prosper – but more importantly to have a new lifestyle. The process of transitioning into a different life requires a certain passion, purpose and determination – and without the support of someone to encourage you.. it would be easy to fall back into old ways.

Letting go of past beliefs and work ways means loosing who you are. Reinventing yourself at a higher level it is at times confusing and scary. You need to know that others have been on this path.


In our working lives, we are taught not to share. In the professional world, it is not protocol to tell your story, or divulge personal information. You are there to do a job, not to let people know about you..

Yet in order to change your life and connect with people, you need to share your story, or parts of it, so they know you understand them.. How can someone who has no idea what I have been through know anything about what I am experiencing?

The trouble I find, is, what if your life is so ordinarily dull that no one wants to know about it. You go to work, you come home, you do nothing. Why would anyone want to be interested in that? Or you get so caught up in your own daily routines and life that you forget to share yourself with others. Those walls you have build up to protect yourself really work well.

Sharing with others means you are giving them ammunition to shoot you down, when you are at a low point. They turn into dream takers and energy suckers if you let them. That is why you have to be comfortable with who you are, have accepted your life and know yourself so well that it doesn’t matter if you put yourself out there.

Alternatively, you can just put out there the things you want them to see.. you having a happy life, not all the other “stuff” that goes on. Some things you should just share with those you trust.


Yet in order to move forward with your life, particularly into a different area or field, you need a support system. A community of like minded individuals who share the same values and beliefs makes it easier to be yourself and for you to grow.

A community will back you and encourage you. They promote you and cheer you on. If they understand you, they can often help you gain clarity.


People everywhere are searching out communities of like minded people to participate it. A basic human desire is to belong.

In Think in Grow Rich.. Napoelen hIll speaks of masterminding as one of the Principles that wealthy people use.

A good mentor will learn as much from you as you from them.

A good Mastermind group – may know how to access information quickly that you need, often someone will have tried what you are considering and can give constructive feedback. A good mastermind group can help you avoid costly mistakes.

The trick is finding a group of people who you feel comfortable and safe with and who think like you do. Chances are if you are all in the same place, you all tend to think the same. The trouble here is that, you don’t know who is in the group until you join, so you have to look at yourself and what you can give rather than get. That way at least joining the group is not a waste of time.

I believe there is a wide difference between Coaches, Mentors and Mastermind Groups.. each has its own importance and relevance to changing your life and moving you forward.

• advise cajole,
• demonstrate,
• inspire,
• plan,
• set goals,
• strategise and
• correct
• focus

whilst Mentors –
• support – through dependability,
• counsel,
• stimulate growth,
• model, listen
• they tolerate your dreams,
• respect values,
• are accountable,
• competent and humble

Mastermind Groups

Incorporate all of the above, but do not specialise. Mastermind groups are designed to

• Brainstorm
• Clarify
• Fine Tune
• Critique
• Support
• Partner
• Promote
• Bring Value
• Connect
• Focus

In my search for a Mastermind Group, I have discovered Andrea Goodsaid and the Mastermind Partner Program.

I have been dabbling on the internet for a 6 years. I have watched many people move forward and change their lives. I often have wondered what they were doing differently to me.

Its really quiet simple. They

Have clarity and focus.
value the knowledge of others
are prepared to pay for it, and

When you are in an environment that you feel safe in, and that is prepared to let you learn at your pace, but also to extend your thinking.. you cant help but move forward.

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