How totally awesome!   This is the beginning of my best birthdays ever.

So as my birthday comes to a close, Id like to thank everyone for their well wishes and for contributing to the awesome year that I have had.   

My day began at 1am when I attended an online webinar with my colleagues in the Mastermind Partner Programme and this set the tone for the rest of the day.

I awoke to a magnificent day, beaming sunshine and full of energy.    I spent the day at my job, which was great – (I mentor young people to stay in work) – today everyone was happy with their employers, employees and the jobs they were performing. 

I received beautiful native flowers from my special man who pays particular attention to my interests and likes. I am being extra spoilt and am having a weekend away with theatre restaurant thrown in.   Tonight though, I had a delicious meal, with my family and received many well wishes and cards from people all over the world.


This year has been great for me, simply because I have been doing my life differently.  I have made stronger and deeper  associations with people evidenced by the thoughtfulness of many today who have contributed to a very special day.

It is totally awesome, that from my hometown I can establish a rapport and connection with people from all around the globe, simply since we can come together because of common interests.

I am so grateful for my home business and my job, seeing as both have allowed me to look at life through fresh eyes. 

No longer do I limit myself to my daily routine as my home business has allowed me to meet and be inspired by so many motivated, determined individuals, who all aspire more out of life.  

I am surrounded by people that I know, should I request their assistance, they will be there for me.  I have friends all over Australia and the World who will gladly provide me with information, resources, feedback and help should I ask.  Simply because I have established a common association with them.

I don’t have to spend a lot of physical time with them to grow a deeper relationship, just because of a link in a Mastermind Partner Programme, a home business field, a Network Marketing Group, a writing group, a personal development group – whatever I am interested in,  a unified belief and desire has allowed me to strengthen my bond with them.

 A friend is someone you have something in common with and that you know you can call on with a question or for help.

 How often do we get caught up in our daily routine, that we do not even take the time to meet, introduce ourselves and create friendships with our neighbours, the local corner store owner, our dentist, optometrist, vet, service station attendant and many other people.

 It’s a fabulous feeling to get so many Happy Birthday wishes and to be made feel so special.

Recently I facilitated my mothers 70th Birthday party and I attended my Aunt’s 80th.     These celebrations reminded me of the importance of maintaining friendships, strengthening relationships and reminding those close to us that we really need to communicate to our loved ones, friends, acquaintances, and people we interact with on a daily basis just how much we appreciate them.  


Not only are friendships about long lasting relationships, memories and good times, they are about being there from the beginning of a journey to the end.   For people come into your life for a particular purpose, some to stay forever, some for a short time.   Regardless of how long they stay, they should be celebrated for their contribution to your life.   Tell your friends how much they mean to you and how grateful you are the impact they have had (good or bad) on your life.  

Today, I looked back over my years and it occurred to me that there are many who have contributed to my achievements.

Some would, I dare say, not even know the impact that they had on me. I need to let them know how grateful I am for the impact they had on my life.  Even those that at the time, I felt were mistreating me, have influenced my life and I need to thank them for the lessons I have learned.

In view of their support, suggestions guidance, patience, training and teachings, I would not have accomplished the things I have done.    Some of those experiences, I would not have even considered attempting.  Other experiences, I would not like to have again – yet looking back, I can now see the purpose of the lesson, and I am a stronger, wiser, more sensitive person because of them.

For each interaction has created a result for you – make sure you have not missed the lesson.   Remember the saying – people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. 

I want to accept what they have to teach me, but make sure that I can stay in their hearts and they in mine for a lifetime.

My online greeting card business allows me to express my thoughts and feelings in such a way that I can share how appreciative I am of having people in my life. 

There is a particular skill to developing relationships with people, they don’t just happen – you have to contribute to them.    Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot – either way – it doesn’t hurt to show them how much you care for them. 

 A random act of kindness, an expression sent via a greeting card – is all it takes to let someone know you are thinking of them and accepting of them.  Especially on their birthday… or any day.      

Believe me I know, because I have been fortunate to receive just those acts today.  I am fortunate, I have a loving family, a wonderful man, and great friends, but think of those less fortunate than I and try to remember to do something simple and thoughtful for them on thier birthday or any day…   send a card.  Its easy.