Well today is World Kindness Day – the beginning of World Kindness Week. 

This is a day to bring focus and attention to Appreciation for others.  It is also a reminder that each and every one of us has a responsibility to acknowledge the "little" things that others do for and with us.    

Too often we take fore granted those closest to us and the things that they do.   Why?  The things they do for us are done each and every day and we just don't see these actions.    When a meal "appears" on the dining table or your clothes are washed and ironed and in your cupboard, day in day out, it is easy to forget that someone did that for you.   If the lawn and garden is always immaculate – someone did that! – Regardless of whether you have a family member who does these things, or you pay someone else to complete the task -someone has taken the time to do it so YOU DIDNT HAVE TO!  


I think, most people see kindness as a "thing" you do.   There does not need to be a physical action to create a kindness.   

  • indness is simply –  Understanding and Accepting that we are all different.
  • I   dentifying that each of us has had different life experiences.    Even the same event impacts on us all in different ways.
  • oticing when others are in pain or when they do something for you. 
  • iscerning actions as a result of another action – and appreciating your input into the situation. Dont blame!
  • ice – be nice, say please, thankyou, excuse me, help people whereever and whenever you can
  • ncouraging others to step up, try something new, try something again
  • ensing another's pain – and letting them experience it, knowing that you are there should they need you.  
  • haring your love, accepting people as they are, and enabling them to become strong. 

Any act that alleviates another's pain or suffering, no matter how trivial it may seem – is an act of kindess.    A "Simple"  thank you or please – is an act of appreciation and kindness. 

Having true concern for another's thoughts, feelings,  and actions is the basis for unconditional friendship.   The more hurt – the more love and kindness they are in need of.    This is difficult because those who hurt, often do not realise the pain they are in – and therefore push people further away – loving them even when they do not return or appreciate the love – is kindness. 

Kindness is recognizing another's unhappiness – not as a reflection of you, but simply because of how they see or feel about their life.  Then having the courage to stand by someone in their time of need. 


Start in your own home – look at those around you and see – really see – how much or what they do.   If that activity was not completed – how would it affect you?  If it has no affect on you – then there is nothing to acknowledge.  Before you dismiss any action though – really consider the impact of the action.   Sit for a moment and contemplate what the house, yard, clothes, – would be like if you did not complete the action –  then decide whether it is worth appreciating another's actions.    I cant image any action that should go unnoticed and that would not have an impact on you.  

Simple things – like not leaving your shoes in the way of another, or keeping your belongings in your room – or in the place they are allocated – these are acts of kindness.  


I find it odd that we need to remind people to do something that should just come natural.    Yet in todays world, we are all so caught up in surviving, that we forget that even the worst event contributes to our lives and we need to show wisdom in our actions towards others. 

1.  Send a Card or Gift to someone  – for no reason.. just to let them know someone is thinking of them 

2.  Appreciate the "little" everyday things that are done for you 

3.  Shout someone less fortunate a meal 

4.  Spend sometime with someone – make them feel important and appreciated

5.  Listen to a friend in need, 

6.  Share your time – help out around the house or yard, or just chat

7.  Offer to help a neighbour – or someone you dont know – 

There is no wrong action of kindness.. except those acts done purely for your own benefit.   Whatever you give, you receive – tenfold.  Give kindness!