So, as a budding online Entrepreneur or even and old hand at blogging, there will or may be times when you begin to feel a little swamped by everything that is coming your way.

Getting started online and trying to source the best blog information and ways to create internet profits to improve your life can be overwhelming.  

There is so much to learn, comprehend and implement.


  • Email after email
  • Webinar after webinar
  • Updates for this
  • Reminders for that
  • Friend requests
  • Affliliate promotions


 and good information can just wear you out.

Just when you feel like you are on top of it – like some dots have joined and you are about to step up – you realize its about to start all over again.

There’s new terminology  – keywords, lists, seo, ppc, marketing, and a tonne of other blogging acronyms that can just make you want to give up.

Oh, and don’t forget to listen to those video trainings in the back office before you loose access to the site.. and the list goes on and on.  

Even well into it, with your head squarely on your shoulders and a laser like focus on the top of the mountain – you still have plenty to get done:

  • Connect with people
  • Add value
  • Create a caffeine product
  • Do a mini launch
  • Arrange that webinar
  • Send out reminders
  • Set up your autoresponders

and throw in those people who have paid for coaching

and you could get a little lost.   You may often feel like you are not accomplishing all that you can or could.

Its harder now to stay on top of things – years ago, we only

                worked a certain number of hours

                 slept for some    and

                played for some.  

Now work just goes on all day and night.

Which means that when you take time out and return to your job there is the potential that there is more work than you need to do. Especially as an Entrepreneur and running a business globally.


  So maybe you are thinking that your just not organised and its about time       management.   I heard a    definition the other day of time management – "time       management is about organising your work, not  about time management".

  At first I thought this was weird.. but when you think about it – most of the time –   when you are trying to be  productive – all you do is rearrange and organize things   not necessarily being productive or doing the  right thing to help you advance   your  business.

  Be Deliberate – Do what you have to do NOT  what you want to do

We have a tendency to go off and do the things that are known to us, easier and that we are comfortable with – hence why we put off the things we HAVE to do to generate our business.    

The things that take the least amount of courage – are the ones that get done first – however they may not be the most important thing on the list that needs to move you forward with your business.

We stick with what we are comfortable with, because when you do them – you get a sense of achievement .. and they take the least amount of courage to do.


So being productive is all about strategy.   I know what your thinking – "where in the world am I going to find the time to be strategic"?

You probably aren't achieving all the things you want to achieve in a day.  So take some time out – to arrange your day.  It will make you smarter about how you get things done.  

The amount of time it takes for you to Plan – is going to make you more productive – at least you may get one really important thing done.  Otherwise you waste all your time doing nothing. 

So now you are wondering – what are the tips.. well read on…   at Tips for Being Strategic with your Tip.