Down the track - blogging made easy

 Without a roadmap, the drive to MLM success twists, turns, bends, disappears out of sight, and can end up in dead ends. 

Like life – network marketing has many ups and downs, the trick is to travel the highway with good guidance systems.  Just as there are many guidance systems available for navigating life’s highways, all with different styles and abilities, these guidance systems exist also for mlm blogging.  The trick is to find the one that will make the road to mlm success easy for you to travel. 


Recently I attended a family gathering at a park in the mountains.  I had never been to this particular park before, but had a vague idea of where I was heading.  It was an hour’s drive from my home.

This parallels my network marketing and online business journey in so many ways.  Let me explain further.     I have started many journeys online in multi level marketing (mlm) , not knowing how to mlm and heading off with a vague idea of where I was going and looking for mlm tips along the way.

Just as in internet marketing and network marketing – we often don’t start out as early as we should.  We get side tracked by any thing else that we may be more comfortable doing or may be easier.

For some reason I didn’t get to leave early on my trip,  I was held up with “more important” things. Truth is I was a little reluctant to go, but knew I had too.  

 So, it was mid afternoon when I set out, it was a nice fine, sunny day and I enjoyed the freedom of the drive, with the wide open spaces and minimal traffic.  It was an easy drive as I just followed the signs and didn’t have to worry.  As I was driving along I glimpsed this huge airforce plane mounted on stands in a park.  I thought to my self if I didn’t need to be somewhere I would stop and check that out.  Some people had gone to a lot of trouble to erect a monument in the middle of nowhere.

There are three lessons in this scenario:

§  Reluctance to begin

§  Missed opportunities

§  Distracted by Sparkly Things.

We often do that in life – put off beginning a new project and let opportunities or moments pass us by.  Always rushing off somewhere to do something – forgetting to appreciate all that is around us, or all that others have taken the time to erect.   Just as we do when learning to blog – we do not appreciate the blogging guides that are prepared, or the blogging tips we are given.  We wonder how to blog – yet, as in life – we have let opportunities pass by unnoticed.

The Empower Network opportunity is one that you should stop and take a look at – and appreciate that people have gone to a lot of trouble to create this amazing opportunity for others.   

As with mlm blogging and learning the art of online marketing to create top mlm blogs, we get distracted by other topics or “guru’s” promoting something that sounds like it works better than what we are currently doing.


After I spent some hours with my family I decided to head off back home.  It was getting dark now (should of arrived earlier so I could of left earlier)  and the road down the mountain was very twisting and windy.   It was an interesting drive, with the road doing sharp hairpin bends –   a lot like life I thought –  your cruising along  then all of a sudden there’s a big bend in the road and around you go – not really knowing if its an easy bend or a sharp one.

Just like trying to be a successful network marketing – there are a lot of twists and bends, just when you think you are on the right track, something occurs to block your view and you have to continue on regardless.

Travelling along in the dark now, I wasn’t sure where I was going and I was paying particular attention to signage – actually trying to find some indication of the direction I should be taking.

Eventually I got home, and I know that the way I took was definitely not the same way I went out there.


I sat for a while and thought – that the drive I had just completed,  was so much like life – I had a particular destination in mind, the roads where in place to get there, but at each intersection I had a choice as to which way I should go. 

Yet in life we may not have any particular destinations in mind,  so we don’t know which roads to take and we seem to wander around aimlessly turning this way and that and not knowing either where we are or were we are going.  

Network marketing on the other hand, is really not that complicated.  There are easy mlm processes created by those that have gone before us.  We really don’t have to reinvent anything, yet we seem to insist of complicating simple mlm.  I mean, over the years creating online blogs has been made easy.   Just look at the Empower Network.

Now this trip started out exciting,  travelling along unsure of where I was going, but after the first hour, I became nervous and anxious about whether I was actually taking the right roads.  Im in the middle of nowhere – no street lights, and no other traffic, pitch black and literally stumbling around in the dark..   How hard would life be to navigate if it was approached that way?

Yet,  eventually you get where you want to be – but how many wrong turns do you take, and at what cost.  My nerves where stressed up until I ended up on a familiar stretch of road that I knew would take me where I wanted to be.. then I relaxed. 

Im sure Id rather go through life relaxed and knowing that the turns I’m taking and the road I’m on is going to get me where I want to be.   Yet we are slow learners and push on alone, instead of working together to achieve a common goal.

Success in network marketing is very similar to this.  We start out excited, not really knowing the path to follow – but knowing it will take us to a different life, a more relaxed financially free life – but we complicate it – by not following the roadmaps of mlm blogging directions.

As we travel along in life, we can look back and see the dead ends we encountered.  So too, in your online marketing and blogging career, will you be able to see dead ends.  Following a blogging guide and a simple mlm process – duplicate, stay consistent and take your time, you find you end up at less dead ends.

Travelling along unknown highways is tricky at times, when you are faced with a decision as to what direction to go – left or right.. how do you decide.  It’s easier in mlm as the top mlm blogs show the way with bright guiding lights.

Often you think you know a shortcut, and you cut corners.. but  like life – there are not shortcuts to any place worth going.  To get the best experience out of anything, its best to take the scenic route – the one with all the great opportunities along the way. 

You think weird things when you are alone, on a dirt road, in the dark in the middle of nowhere.

I have turned into a avid explorer.   I explore life, and I am exploring the world of network marketing and online mlm sponsoring.   Life is very interesting and so is mlm blogging.  In my experience we tend to make both complicated. When we could simplify life and make mlm easy too.  We hold ourselves back, unintentionally – in life and in creating a successful network marketing business.

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