Hi and welcome.. You’re busy, I’m busy, rarely do we have time, or rather make the time to slow down and enjoy the scenery.  To connect with all that is within and around us.  Meditation is the vehicle to help you speed slowly through life. 

Life gets hectic, then it stops.  So taking time out in amongst all the busyness allows you to prepare for the times when you can slow down. Meditation sets the scene for a life of bliss.

Lets connect!   Book your Meditation on the Move “test drive” today.Meditation on the Move

Here’s what to do:     Make a booking to chat with me about the experience of meditation.

Im excited to be bringing Meditation on the Move to You.

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FIRST –  Book a convenient time so we can chat.

In this initial connection we will discuss:

  • The Meditation technique I share
  • How Meditation on the Move works…
  • The Benefits of Meditation
  • What You Need to do
  • The Fees involved.

Your  “test drive” – gets you feeling confident about where you are heading with meditation. This session sets the course for future sessions and lets you sit back and enjoy the ride.  You’ll see fabulous scenery of how this meditation truly is and the benefits to your life.

Im a match for your needs. 

Click a day and select a suitable time for us to discuss your needs.  I will be in touch before the day to confirm your booking.   After you click the book button, you will be taken to a pay-pal site, HOWEVER – Your First Session is FREE!! This is a sample session and you do not need to make any payment, please disregard the page you are taken to.

You will be re-energised to share your passion and make a difference.


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