This and That..

This is an exercise to have you consider how you view or see things…   A way for you to look at how what you think makes you feel… and therefore influences your reactions and actions.    It's very interesting.  Listen to the audio below…   it is amazing…

A discussion on viewpoint… 

People who are unable to change their viewpoints are stuck 

Please do the exercise below to see if you feel differently about subjects… and therefore may think and see things differently. 

Notice something near you… think of it as  "this" book…     now think of it as "that"

pick another object that is further away  –   think of it as "this" ..thing  then think of it as "that".

How do you feel when you think of something as  "this" –   how do you feel when you think of something as "that".

"This" is the viewpoint of self….  "That" is the viewpoint of higher self.

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