Living life like you have all the best things in the world, “Champagne Taste”, lets call it – we all know that expensive things are better value, last longer, are good quality and simply better made than the things you can buy on a, lets say, “Beer Budget”.

Yet we work our butts off, day in day out, to get ahead.  We may even enjoy what we do, love our jobs, even though they are not secure.   I know I did, I enjoyed helping people transition from situations to better situations, from uncertain to certain, from lost to purposeful.

Yet that day, as we sat in the office nervously waiting for the news – where we about to lose our jobs, or did we have them for another 3 years, it was not pleasant.   If fact, it really only occurred to me many years later, when I was settled and relaxed, just how much living that life affected me.

You see, most of the jobs I had, were always Contract positions and thereby dictated to “higher” more “powerful” forces.   It’s only through life changes, and you no longer have to go through this experience, time and time again – that “feelings” surface from your subconscious and you become aware of just how much stress you are living under.

Now I don’t want to scare you, and have you in a panic about your future, yet that day, we were dreading it, yet wishing it upon ourselves, so that our lives could continue as routine, or not.  I hope that you will not be scarred for life by those dark storm clouds, or since we are talking about alcohol – it was like a “last call” for drinks.

Christmas time is a time for fun, laughter, love and good times. It’s not the perfect time to be worrying about your future – will you be able to afford the christmas presents?  How can you have a “cheaper than cheap” vacation and break.  After all, you’ve worked like a trojan security guard all year round, so you could reap the benefits of a good life.   Lasting memories are supposed to be created at this time of year – good ones, not the kind that devastate your life.

So waiting for the news was tedious.

Honestly, looking back, I wish I had made the decision to get out of the rat race, way earlier. Then I could of began to build my dream life, so the family could of done the things we’d envisioned – overseas travel, more time with family, no debt, security and stability.

Yet here I sat, sweaty palms, anxious stomach – and worried about the future.

It wasn’t an easy year for this business – we could be energized or paralyzed by the news.  Its a good thing I had began exploring alternatives and expanding my mindset – getting open to different kinds of income streams – that no one really teaches you about, and are most likely frowned upon when not understood.   Working for someone did not guarantee your future.

I was tired of living on a beer budget, scrimping, saving, spreading it thin.  Feeling powerless all the time, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul – then being caught short.  Only to lie awake at night doing the math over and over – and still coming up with “not enough” – which ultimately makes you feel like you are not enough – you can’t even provide for your family.

We worked on a “just in case” basis – fun times decreased, holidays rescheduled, and those jobs around the house that really “needed” to be done were prioritised, in case we had to sell.
Life really sucked.

Then it got worse, I noticed a feeling of resentment, frustration and anger toward my employer.  After all, he was the one in the business, with the commitment to your well being.  There was never enough time to do what had to be done, and people were expressing themselves in less than gracious ways.

It was not easy to picture a bright cheery, champagne lifestyle, with a secure future and relief from day to day pressures of overdue accounts, debt collectors and ridiculous fees and charges – UNTIL…

A friend and I got chatting about “alternate income streams” and she mentioned a guy who had just been in the States for a month – and he “did something different”.  So she arranged an appointment and we got to chat.

Well – eye opener, ear puller.  No longer did I feel like life wouldn’t matter, that it was all for nothing and you could be discarded like wasted champagne (does champagne ever get wasted?)  With the pop of a champagne cork – your blood, sweat and tears in the beginning leads to recurring residual incomes in the long run.

Here’s an article on the differences between Online Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing that will give you some insight into what Im talking about.

Realising that you do not have to live on a beer budget, unless you choice to is a load off your mind.   You get to taste smidgens of freedom! see a bigger picture and create your own life.

This video, from Home Free, a country acappella (aca what?) – yeah I never heard of it before either – but they are awesome.. and this song just describes how my life used to be… and why my reason for making life changes was an easy decision.

It’s weird how we All Want What We Ain’t Got…  which leads us to be living on a beer budget.

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Maybe you might feel like the guy in this song Full of Cheer…

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