3 Simple Steps to Conquering New Experiences Without Fear of Embarrassment or Worry About What Other People Think of You. Stop Failing Yourself.

To generate new behavior, something inside of you needs to be activated first so that you can perform the new skill.



  • STEP ONE – Say Yes.
  • STEP TWO – Get Inspired
  • STEP THREE – Share it Now,

At first you may think these simple steps are not related to conquering new experiences, however this is method to my madness and theory behind each step.

Embrace the actions, do them and you will see a sudden shift in your life and begin to see and do things differently.

There are 3 Human Motivators according to Psychologist, David McCelland and these 3 steps will help you to become motivated again to move forward and conquer your fears, to love yourself again and to stop failing. Those Drivers are Accomplishment, Belonging and Contribution. These steps will help you to think, feel and do things differently.

You see, it all started when I saw this video called that “We all want what we ain’t go” – a “cover” done by Home Free Vocal Band – it really hits you and gets you thinking about what you have and what you might be missing out on. I decided to do something about my life then and there.. and now I’m sharing the process that worked for me, with you.

Follow these 3 Simple Steps and see your life change.

STEP ONE – Say Yes.. I Dare You – Step Across that line… Before good things can happen to you – you must first become open to receiving. How many missed opportunities have you had simply due to the fact that you felt nervous or insecure about what may eventuate. May I recommend you watch the Jim Carey Movie “Yes Man”. Here is the Official Trailer, that gives you an insight to the movie. This shows you the advantages of saying yes and how it opens up your world.

Step One is about accepting everything. Say “Yes”!

Saying yes is also a good way to strengthen your trust muscle. By saying yes – you are committing yourself and by following through, you are learning to respect yourself more. You get a feeling of ACCOMPLISHMENT, each time you accept and carry through on an action.

Now, a disclaimer – you are not saying yes to more chores, or situations whereby you have more work to do, you know, giving more of yourself – you are now saying yes to opportunities and different things. If you are the kind of person who says “Yes”, all the time and you feel overwhelmed by all you have to do – that is not the kind of YES we are looking for. We are looking for “Yes” to activities, invitations, opportunities – that help you to become more of you – and to start loving yourself more.

STEP TWO – Be Inspired… Find something that you enjoy, or want to enjoy. Something that you can spend hours absorbed in. Preferably something with a community, rather than alone, we all need to feel we belong. Volunteer, learn something new. (remember say “yes”) The reason to be inspired is to help define your core being. It gives you something to be true to and allows you to make a commitment to something and follow through.

You can’t work from the inside out, if you don’t even know what’s inside.  Mernaism

Connect with others and share your inspiration with them. Connecting and sharing gives a sense of BELONGING. If you have nothing, I would like to invite you to check out Home Free Vocal Band – and their songs. They inspire me daily, with their dedication and mastery, their genuineness, their love of music and connection to people. Besides that, their harmonies are amazing, their arrangements beautiful. They will reignite your love of life and music and you will want to do Step 3.
The community of people who love them is an awesome place to belong. So much love and inspiration, you just want to do step three.

STEP THREE – Share it.
Now that you have something to do, something that you enjoy and that inspires you, as well as a place where you are connected to others, get out and start sharing this “thing” with others. Tell them about it, invite them to see it – this then helps you create a
sense of CONTRIBUTION – and we all need this.

Start a class, run a program – make sure that you are letting people know all about what you are interested in.

No one to share it with – connect with me on facebook, or by return email and share your “thing” with me. This allows you to develop that connection with people, and helps you to grow.

Now that you are beginning to explore Loving Yourself, silly, I urge you to make an educated decision, and go a little deeper with your internal exploration. Think about how your life will change when you learn how to receive more by shifting your doubt. Simply by saying “yes” to learning how to illuminate your inner strengths and power and overcome your self consciousness and hidden insecurities.
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Conquer New Experiences Without Embarrassment

People will judge you.   Don’t let their opinion define you.
They are only judging from their own
perspective, which may be limited by
their reluctance to explore and
understand themselves and you.

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Love Yourself Silly,
Let Your Light Shine Confidently

This is my youngest son. He has a philosophy of not worrying
about what other people think, living for the moment and loving himself.
Oddly enough, he learned this from me.  It’s odd, because I, for the
longest time, didn’t love myself. I was positive and confident, but I was
also uncertain and worried about what others thought of me, unsure of
my own ideas and beliefs and insecure in my own actions.
For the longest time, I felt apprehensive about who I was and did not
trust my own judgment. I “needed” and “wanted” others to make me feel
good about who I was. Then I shifted – and realized, it’s up to me to love
me first.

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