Life can be hectic with so much to do because the world is moving faster. Technology, globalisation, and information are at our fingertips, and it can all get too much. It can become overwhelming, confusing and frustrating. So, how do you live a stress-free life and enjoy more?

We seem to be so comfortable with chaos, confusion, and frustration. Overwhelm, and uncertainty is so much a way of life that we don’t even question how to create a stress-free experience. Even though we don’t enjoy life, we stay on the path we have travelled because we know what to expect. Deviating from the road may get us to enjoy life more, to love our work more and to live freely.

Ready to deviate from the road and discover how to enjoy and easier life. Click here to download my “7 Steps to Enjoy an Easier Life” and discover how to reduce stress, eliminate overwhelm and calm the chaos in your life.


Imagine the freedom of only having positive stress and no tension, anxiety or overwhelm in your life. Consider a stress-free life where you know how to enjoy life every day and love your job no matter what. Visualise enjoying your work and life, relaxed and unstressed. Free from the weight and burden of expectations and not stressed, not pressured or overwhelmed, you can enjoy what you do every single day!

Being stress-free means you feel excited, energised and enthusiastic about what you do. Knowledge, experience and commitment are appreciated. Right now, you have walked a long way down a well-worn path and come to a fork in the road. Standing here, you have two options. Faced with a decision… do you take the way you know or a different path?

Create A Stress Freee Life

Doing Life Differently Stress-Free

The Waiter and The Guide Enjoy A Stress-free Life

Sitting atop the mountain, my guide and I sat overlooking the valley of ruins, discussing work. The effort and hours ancient peoples put into building this town. He asked about my home and work. I shared that most people work long hours, all year, for four weeks holiday.  He mentioned having the freedom to take days off whenever he liked. I suggested it may be best not to say that to too many people. They may wish to tip us over the edge.

Laughing, he told me about his days, how he enjoyed his work, and his life, sharing his home with others.  He talked with excitement and relaxed pleasure about the days and his mules, sharing information and details about the place and lifestyle he called home.

Standing atop the rooftop of the motel, watching the moon rise, – the waiter and I discussed work and life.  He confided what he earned a month.  He shared how he wanted to purchase a home and had to work two jobs to fund this.  The waiter, like the guide, appeared to love his work and enjoy life. Relaxed and at ease as he spoke with me, he seemed not to be under pressure to get things done.  Flabbergasted, it struck me like a moonbeam shining through my heart.   Both enjoyed their work; both were at ease, unstressed and happy even though they had a lot going on personally, they felt stress-free, responsible and in control of their lives. It became clear to me, that when you are unstressed, calm, relaxed and not under the weight and burden of expectations, you can live a freer life. Yet, my guide earns in one day what this man makes in one month!

Here, we help you overcome overwhelm, calm chaos and reduce stress, so you enjoy life every day, earn more in one day than you do in a month, and work less by clarifying your focus, energy and direction.   Be stress-free.  Relax and unwind.

It’s easy to enjoy life, when you are not stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or pressured because you are at ease, relaxed and in control of your days.   It’s easy to enjoy life when you feel safe and secure, have stability and a clear vision of what it takes for you to enjoy your life as a result of having clarity, direction and energy to enjoy life.

Being content, fulfilled and satisfied means you have to make choices.  Choices take courage. Choices create change.  The thing is you have the power to enjoy life every day and love your job no matter what merely by having the courage to Do Life Differently.    Yet often we choose to take the safe way – the same, routine road where you are aware of every pothole, bend and signpost.   The same path you are looking for a distraction from or to escape.

You can look at the road, wonder with awe what lies ahead, wish for a different life and step bravely off onto a new path, where you get clear on your vision, clarify your values and why’s and learn how to enjoy life more and love your job no matter what.

Your choice depends on whether you want to overcome overwhelm, calm chaos and reduce stress or whether you currently enjoy life and work the way they are.  Your choice, depends on what you desire for your life – is it balanced with fun and work?

Do you know how to be stress-free, enjoy life and love your job no matter what?

Regardless of which road you choose, you may need a Tour Guide to help you see the awe-inspiring fabulous adventures along the way.   You can stare in amazement at the ease, and creativity others possess as they enjoy life.  Dare to step out of your comfort zone into another time and space, where you can overcome overwhelm, destress and unwind to find a more leisurely freer lifestyle.

There comes a time when you say enough is enough.   Tired of the uncertainty, frustration and stress, you crave a way to enjoy life.  To feel fulfilled, accomplished, clear, connected and with direction and drive.   The desire to live for what is fun, motivating and going to enhance your earning potential gives you a blend of personal and professional joy, optimism and bliss in your life.

Our values of Freedom, Focus, Energy and Drive, are the force behind our drive to help you enjoy life more. Our goal is to help relieve stress, overcome overwhelm, build resilience, improve coping strategies and transform your consciousness.

We will guide you on a path to Metanoia.  A journey to change one’s mind, heart, self and way of life to live fearlessly, free and abundantly.


At Doing Life Differently, we believe that you need to enjoy life and your working day.  Work is where you go to have a good time contributing and serving others in a valuable way.  All you need is direction, clarity, alignment, action steps to achieve profitable results.

Getting paid is a bonus.

We want you to thrive at what you do, and we want you to enjoy your day while you love the work you do because then you will confidently know you are heading in a fulfilling, satisfying direction.

Create A Stress Free LifeDoing Life Differently is the place to be if you want to decrease stress, reduce the overwhelm and calm chaos. Are you seeking to replace confusion with confidence, frustration with enthusiasm and lacklustre with drive and energy?  Book an Adventure Discovery Session now and see if I am a match for your needs.   We can begin with the “Easy Program”, or perhaps the “Ease Package”.  By the end of our time together, you will have a clearer vision of what allows you to have a more comfortable stress-free life.

If you are feeling stretched to the limit, click this link to discover how to live an easier life. Download the “7 Steps to an Easier Life” – and decrease overwhelm, calm chaos and reduce stress.