Imagine a life lived on your terms…

                         relaxing on the beach,  

                         watching the sunset

                         soft music drifting through the air from your Villa,

                        gentle wisps of fresh air across your face, and

                       the soft scent of flowers blooming …  

You are in charge of your own life..   Change it here now…                                    


go where you don't have to work, you don't have a set schedule to meet, all you do is because you choose to… not because someone is telling you to, not because you have outstanding debts and certainly not because life is pressuring you to..    

Doing Life Differently is about expanding your thinking to create alternate income streams and multiple income streams so YOU can live the life you deserve and desire. Doing Life Differently is about coaching you, guiding you, training you, providing you with the resources and tools to shift your thinking, take action and create the life of your dreams.

Are you:  

  • stuck in your life, 
  • complacent even
  • bogged down by daily routines
  • into survival mode

At the end of each day – do you feel you have accomplished all you desire?  Is life fulfilling  – are you satisfied?

Have you ever dared to dream of being your own boss – of creating "unimaginable" amounts of wealth….


For too long I just did the things I had to do to live, survive my life, ie – go to work, look after kids, pay bills, work. After a series of events, it occurred to me that there had to be more to life than just working to survive. I did not want to retire, only to not have the things I wanted, to not be able to travel, to not be able to sit, or go where and when I felt like it.   I did not want to be like others around me, locked down, in debt, to own "things" to eventually retire to a decreased living style. 

Do you want more – travel, fun, lifestyle, family time, stress free finances, to give back even.

Don't wait for a major “life changing” event to occur.  A "life changing" event doesn't have to be big – moving house can be draining… but mostly an event like death of a loved one, losing your job, a relationship breakup, a workplace accident, kids growing up and leaving home, retirement or debilitating illness can leave us incapable of creating the income we have been.  At this point, often it is difficult to start again.  Imagine your partner becoming incapacitated – unable to provide – and you having to stay home to care for them – where would your income come from – social services –  imagine the reduced living standard,the stress and pressure of going without – … 

Are you feeling like something is missing?        Have you realized that you are not happy?

Remember those plans and dreams you had, yet somewhere along the way, you lost sight of them because circumstances guide us in other directions.

Suddenly, out of nowhere,  time runs out, energy lapses, motivation dies and before you know it – You are stuck in a rut.  

Somewhere you took a wrong turn and life ended up on the wrong track.  Feelings of overwhelm, confusion, failure, uncertainty, lost direction, stuckedness and defeat become normal.  

Don't wait until you get to this point.  Start creating alternate income streams NOW… Let me show you how. 


Activities like:

  • aspiring for more
  • creating a balanced life
  • having a greater life purpose, or 
  • focusing our energy

to achieve goals becomes a cause for depression, fear of failure, lack of confidence, low self esteem, and we lose our emotional freedom. 

Everyone can be successful.  Its easy!

Change direction and learn how to live life stress free.  It's never to late.    Live life on your own terms.   

See things differently and do life differently.  All it takes is to expand your thinking, explore opportunities and options and create alternate income streams that are sustainable and residual.

Discover a burning desire, and then follow a process and system that has been proven many times over.  

There is abundance in the world.

That’s why Doing Life Differently exists.  To provide a place to uncover the secrects to developing alternate income streams, multiple income streams, and residual income to help you move forward to a different life, a better life, filled with success, wealth, fun, freedom.

Open up a whole new world of potential and possibilities by embracing the challenge to reinvent, remodel and redo your life and get clear on what is a normal life for you. 


If your current life strategies just don’t seem to be up to speed anymore, here is the place to remodel and reinvent your life – explore new frontiers and live a life to enjoy.   Create the wealth and success of your dreams. 

Join me – I know we can work together, that I genuinely can help you – I'd love to connect more with you via Skype, Facebook.. where ever it is that you hang out… get back to me and let me share what I know to help you create alternate income streams, wealth, success and a life of freedom, fun and family.