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Recently I attended a Leadership Speaking course.. and now Id like to share with you what I learned… as I believe, the same structure will work with how to create a short 5 minute video. Or even a longer one if the need arises.

A good video – or presentation, is like taking your audience on a journey.

An effective video or presentation – will take them on this journey by the most efficient method of transportation so that when they arrive at the destination – they are very clear on where they have come from and when they have arrived.


I don’t know about you – but when I talk, I tend to go on and on and on … you know blah blah blah… and more info and more info… and before you know it 20mins has gone… and Ive not even got the message Out….  But everyone has left the room….

Its like ECHO…. ECHO…. Echo…. No one is there but your voice.

However, after reading and applying this, no longer will you waffle, you will be able to get your message across succinctly and entertainingly.

So here is:


It’s a 9 Step Process…

What I want you to pay attention to and learn is this…

Lets start with the end in mind… 

What is the message you want to get across to your audience?

Is there one thing that you want them to remember above all else?

Focus on that one message – and write it in a short, simple, yet concrete way so that it is memorable.     My key message in this blog is this…  make your videos memorable with good structure.

Now that you are clear on your message, lets get to work on creating an awesome video that gets that message out there.

STEP 1.   Set the Scene…

This is simply telling them who you are, and why you are talking about what you are going to talk about  (you are establishing your influence and expertise here)

Make it no longer than 3 sentences.

STEP 2.   Get their attention…

The next step is delivering your key message, however before you blurt it out… you need to make sure they are ready to hear what you are about to say…

So you preference your key message with statements like below and also with a pause.

  • This is what I want to emphasize is this….
  • Pay attention to this….
  • What I want you to takeaway is this…
  • The most important thing I want you to remember is…
  • My recommendation is this…
  • My most important point is this…

SIDE NOTE – make sure your message ends with  “is this” .   This is not a phrase we use in ordinary conversation and therefore is an attention grabbing art form and memorable.

STEP 3 – Your Key Message.

This can be a FACT or an ACT…

You can state a fact – or ask them to act.    An Act is a much better option as it sticks in their mind and creates a more powerful presentation.

Your key message is NOT what your topic is, or what the purpose of the presentation is…

For eg –

a Topic can be…  Research into ____       however  your message would be

Our latest project will have a huge impact on ___.

This gives a much more stimulating take on the topic you are presenting and spikes their interest.

Your Purpose   may be to persuade the team to do something…

however the key message needs to be  ….. if we (name the action) –  then state the benefit…

One more thing…. Make your key message important to your audience..    How will what you have to say be useful to them.

Make your Key Message    Short  Simple and Concrete.


Give a short preview of what you are about to cover in your video…   – its simply listing off the 3 main things you are going to cover…   This is done so that your audience can keep track of how long you have been talking and whether or not you are getting close to finishing.

Now we begin..

STEP 5 –  Open your topic..   Opening your topic allows your audience to know that you are about to begin speaking about a particular thing. Begin with a sentence that will let them what the topic is about..     “ Now I am going to speak…. Or  “I’ll start by discussing the problems we are facing”

Opening and closing your topic lets your audience know when you are done on a particular item.


After you open the topic  –   Give an Assertion. (in the example above – you would then go on to state the problems and consequences) – It is a complete sentence which expresses the point that you wish to get across with clarity and conciseness.

It is succinctly saying what you are about to speak to and it allows you to get your point across is several different ways.

STEP 7..  Then provide Evidence  – this is where you back up your assertion with some proof.

Evidence needs to be Credible.. Engaging  and Memorable.

Proof comes in the form of a stories, statistics, metaphors, and analogies.

The four main types of evidence are divided into two categories:

LOGICAL                         Numbers  (statistics)


EMOTIONAL                Examples


STEP 8 –   Once you have opened, asserted, provided evidence, you then close the topic.  This lets your audience know that you are done with that topic.

Using the example above – you may say  “So that’s the problems we’re facing”.

You can have up to 3 Assertions in a short presentation.


Now you have presented all your information, you then close with a summary   Before going into your summary… of the topics you have shared… flag your closing line with a sentence to get their minds back on track

“As you have heard, I have outlined….. “

Then after summing up your presentation:-.

STEP 10  – Close by reiterating your Key Message..

Get their attention by saying the sentence you began with.

Using a pause before stating your key message.

This is what I want to emphasize is this….

Pay attention to this….

What I want you to takeaway is this…

The most important thing I want you to remember is…

My recommendation is this…

My most important point is this…


And there you have it.  The 10 steps to creating structured video content that will get your message across succinctly and with ease.


If you have any more questions, just shoot me an email at


Also if you found this interesting and useful, Id love for you to leave a message about what you have gained from it.