Balance Positivity by Embracing Negativity to Change Negative Thinking. 3 Steps to Balancing Positive and Negative Thinking.

Most people avoid negativity like the plague… especially if they are trying to “be happy”.   Have you ever wondered why happiness eludes you? 1

You know those quotes that say “take negative people out of your life” – or something along those lines.   I disagree with them. Negative people are the ones you need in your life.   To help you find balance.

What I want to share in this blog post is how to get the most out of being with negative people. Here you will learn how to grow and balance the negativity and positivity in your life, so you can find true happiness.

If you sit and contemplate your positive attitude, have you ever considered how difficult it is to be positive ALL the time, all day – to not say anything negative.  Below are 3 Steps to Balancing Positive and Negative Thinking.

Have you found that the harder you try to find the silver linings in situations, all you can come up with is negatives.

Sometimes, we can feel so down about being negative, that it makes us even more negative and depressed, trying to be positive.   The more you want to be positive, the more annoyed you get when you are negative.   You can look around and see people that are positive and successful and wonder what you are doing wrong..

Their lives seem so perfect, and altogether. They have all they want and need, with no worries.   It’s depressing, but you try to get even more positive, so you can have all the things they have.

You begin to avoid negative people.. you know like those quotes say “distance yourself from negative or toxic people”.   Think about that for a second.. who do you know that is so positive all the time?

Consider this – if you avoid negative people – doesn’t that make you negative by default?  Who are you to judge what is negative and what is not.   You are seeing negativity in someone – so that judgment would make you negative, because you are invalidating them.   Everyone is negative at some time – which means you end up not having anyone to be around, because at times everyone is negative – and so are you, which means people may not wish to be around you either.

If you were to seriously isolate yourself from all negative people – you would be left with no one to talk to.   It is self defeating – you are negating the other person – and cutting yourself off from people . You can embrace and change negative thinking.

You are trying to disown your negative side…. And project it onto other people.

How often have you had a bad day at work, and you come home wanting to share all the troubles you have had. You unload your day – and instantly become a negative person.     All the while your friend, spouse, partner is thinking – wow how negative are they. I don’t want to hang around negative people.

By not recognizing your negative side, you are being closed, you are trying to disown part of yourself, and avoiding people with negative attitudes is like trying to avoid half of yourself.

If you find yourself constantly telling everyone to be positive, does that mean when you are alone you will be negative.  It sure does!   What you suppress must come out somewhere, sometime.

So you spend your time worrying about what others thing and you show only a positive and “happy” face all the time around those people you don’t care about as much – strangers, work colleagues, friends, and the people you care about you download the part you are repressing on to.  So when you are with loved ones,  they may get to see only your negative side ..

When things aren’t in balance – when you are happy in public, sad in private – you are trying to be something that isn’t working.   You lie to yourself about what is going on in your life.. you are not real.

When you are constantly trying to be positive – all the time – you are being fake – and then events happen, a concentrate of negativity SHITE (Spiritually Harmonising Intelligent Truthful Experiences)  an acronym from Dr John Demartini –  is bestowed on you to balance it out. This flattens you – things like major anger, frustration, depression appear, and you isolate yourself, and get embarrassed about being around people because you don’t want to show anyone that side of you.  The side that is negative and repressed.  We hide away from society, medicated, afraid of upsetting anyone, embarrassing ourselves or worrying about what others think.

So trying to be positive all the time, putting on your happy face – drives you insane. You are not being authentic, real or open to others, because you are hiding half of your being.

You are brought back into being as the SHITE may bring you back into balance.

How do you balance out your negative and positive sides?


First – you become aware of the times you are being either positive or negative.

When you are negative – you dig into it – what is going on that I am feeling this way – – you may discover feelings on low self esteem, low self worth and hopelessness if you are game enough to dig that deep.

Next – Look for the patterns…   When you realize that it all balances, – you will see that every time you get so focused on you, egotistical, self righteous, self proud.. – someone will deflate that.   Then whenever you get down, humbled, – those around you will praise and try to inflate you.

The trick is trying to be open to this balancing act.   Recognising it for what it is – being negative or being positive and own it.

Change negative thinking

Finally – Open yourself to receiving what is going on in your life – and don’t distance yourself from yourself. Be REAL and authentic and share how you are really feeling.  Get in touch with yourself, love yourself and express yourself so others are happy to be around you.

Do Not hide behind a positive attitude if you are having a down day – say so, be negative – but do not wallow like a pig in it.  Just embrace the moment, acknowledge it and move on.

That is how you change negative thinking into positive thinking.   By observing, embracing and being open to all the experiences that are bestowed upon you.  Share what is going on for you with a view to receiving opportunities to improve.

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From my heart to your heart..