How well do you know yourself?know yourself

It’s really quiet easy to go through life not actually “knowing” who you are , what you enjoy, or why you are even living the life you life.  Most people are even unaware of the impact they are having or could have on the world.

Understanding others, as Julie Andrews says in the King & I,  “Getting to know you, to feel free and easy, to know what to say, because of all the beautiful things I’m learning about you”..  is possibly a lot simpler to do than actually getting to know yourself.

Is the face that you present to the world, the face of the “real” you?

We hide behind what we think people want to see, what we believe we “should” do as our happiness may come from being accepted by others or conforming to society views.

Imagine the Accountant who hates being an accountant… who finds crushing numbers boring and would rather be out surfing.   Yet because they were told to “get a good job” they are now doing something they totally do not enjoy.   We lose ourselves in a place of being someone, that perhaps we are not totally.  We give up life to live a lie.   We settle for not having what we aint got.

So, how do you get to know yourself and whether you are enjoying what you are doing?

As the quote says “the thing that’s important to know is that you’ll never know, you’re always sort of feeling your way“.  Since you forget who you are, or lose yourself in being someone that perhaps you are not, then you have to begin the search to know yourself again.

Getting started knowing yourself creates some difficulties.  It means you have to explore those “pink elephant” situations in the room.    You know, going down the road of uncovering those things you don’t wish to confront.    Little secret limiting beliefs about whether you are truly happy in your work or your life.

Self discovery and addressing those things which you have buried in your unconscious mind means that you have to get honest with yourself and those around you.   Stepping out of what you are currently doing can be uncomfortable, but stepping into what you truly enjoy is liberating.

That’s what knowing yourself is all about – dealing with loving yourself, warts and all. Letting your conscious mind be free to accept you, in all your vulnerability.  Self Trust means you know yourself and enjoy being who you are, and growing from your experiences, to do what you love and enjoy work and life more.  Knowing yourself lets you live a productive creative happy life. 

Brene Brown delves into being vulnerable and how it benefits us. I believe we hide our suffering and pain, as a form of self care, yet it is only when we go down the path of knowing yourself and seeking self improvement that change can occur.

Expectations placed on us, either by ourselves or those who love us, can send our conscious minds into a spin, of not knowing if we are good enough, leaving us again, not knowing yourself and doing things that perhaps – are for others and not truly helping us enjoy what we do or where we are.

Jim Carey speaks of thinking he was purely just his being, and nothing more, until one day he realised that there was more to him, than he thought and he could enjoy life and work more.

The fact that you have something significant to offer the world that will impact on others and leave a lasting effect is the most valuable currency we have. You can listen to the whole speech in his video here..

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and for some light and easy entertainment – here’s Julie Andrews, Getting to Know Yourself.

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Knowing yourself, for me anyway, has been about exploring my core values, and creating a mindfulness or self awareness of how I act and react.  Its also about living in the NOW, being present to enjoying life, by having a fulfilling life, doing what I enjoy, not what I think I have to do.

If I can do this, you can too.

I wonder if you have more to offer than you are letting the world see.   Are you truly enjoying the work you do,  is it satisfying and compelling enough for you.   Perhaps its time to expand your horizons, and be the best you, you can be, so that you can therefore serve the world, feel better about the person you are and do work you enjoy.