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September 2011

The Sparkly Syndrome

By |2011-10-31T18:21:28+10:00September 11th, 2011|Motivation, Personal Growth|

We all do it - opt for distraction when things get tricky. Especially it would seem in the internet marketing industry. In "real" life when things get difficult for me, I head off to clean. So that at the end I can feel productive, see that I have accomplished something, and know I am capable. As opposed to spending hours doing something difficult, that takes concentration, persistence and determination. I sure know what Id rather be doing - but which helps you move forward - theres an interesting video at the end of this post explaining why we all follow shiny objects.. Sparkly Syndrome I call it.

August 2011

A Very Tall Birthday Tale.

By |2011-09-26T15:34:18+10:00August 2nd, 2011|Connection Solutions, Motivation, Self Esteem|

Birthdays can be depressing and daunting - especially as the years get on. Yet a birthday is the one time of year that people get to show their appreciation for YOU!. Though they should do that all year. Being connected to people lets them share their thoughts and feelings openly. Its the best way to make everyday a special day! Knowing that people care - inspires and motivates you to continue doing all the good things that you do - daily and more often.

June 2010

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