Entreprenuer vs EmployeeEmployed vs Entreprenuer. the mindset shift


Most employees are dedicated to their jobs, many find them fulfilling.  Others just do them.  For many years now I have been working and trying to survive without getting ahead.  

A few years back, I began looking around for a different way.  Actually my father introduced me to this online stuff – so it's his fault.   He too was looking for a way to have an income without having to work – he had retired and really didnt want to work that hard again. 

Coming off a farm, where he was his own boss and worked his own hours (often long hours though) the thought of having to answer to someone else didnt really appeal to him.  He found this online thing and not being computer literate asked me to check it out.  



Well, it was difficult at first, I had a totally cynical, Im going to get ripped off, dont trust anyone you cant see face to face kind of attitude.  You may recognise that in someone you know.   That was 4 years ago and I must admit I held onto that attitude for 3 of those years.   Finally common sense struck me and i began to lift that thinking and that is when things began to change for me.

Let me explain    Here are some characteristics, I have had to develop in order to grow a successful online and network marketing business.    As my mindset changes – so does the speed of the growth of my business. 

E      xcellence        Personal Development vs.. None. 

N      imbleness      Opportunity vs Challenge

T       enacity           Work vs Rest  –    

R      esourceful     Positive vs Negative  

E      ndurance       Improvement vs Complacency 

P      lanning          Future vs Now

R      esilience       Success vs Failure

E       ffort             Productive vs Lazy

N      oble               Give vs Take 

E      nticement      Wisdom vs Ignorance 

U     niqueness      Leader vs Follower

R     eliability         Trustworthy vs Untrustworthy 

Not only did I have to change how I thought, I also had to change how I did things.  

Employment is great – depending on how you define – your life, security, the future, wealth creation and much more. 


Employment is:                                     in contrast to                 Entreprenuership

Hierarchial structures                                                          Networks – building relationships

Working under/for  someone                                             Working for yourself

                                                                                                 – answerable to those you serve

Having a boss or many to answer to                                 Answerable to yourself.

You dont progress                                                                Progress at your own pace

Resource orientated                                                            Opportunity orientated

 Security   (supposedly)                                                       Risk – possibly

Looking at that list points out to me that I must have been a very lazy employee.  I didnt think so at the time, I always was committed and dedicated to my jobs.   But I dont think I ever took total ownership – well you cant can you?  There are always limitations put on you by  bosses, customers, banks or funding bodies.    

There are so many limiting beliefs that we hold, it is hard to list them all.  Particularly because we all have a different take on employment and business.     Being an Entreprenuer is a very personal thing.  No one can really tell you how to do it.    They can offer suggestions as to what to do – but not the why of doing it.  

Suffice to say that if you chose the option of working for yourself – you will be in for the time of your life.  The long term picture looks so much brighter than the one of an employee.   You are in a continual state of personal growth, awareness and development.    

Short Term vs Long Term

This is difficult for me to write – because I have changed my thinking… 

I used to think employment was the answer (read Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad) but there are always options. 

At the end of the day, it depends what your short term and long term GOALS are.    What you choose depends on how you have yourself set up currently.  For me I didnt have an options – long term – if I stopped working – Id be way worse off.  Granted Id have a lot of time on my hands.. but no money to do anything.    Even when I retire I intend to continue working – but in my time – not someone elses. 

Short term employment is grand  –

       it brings in a weekly wage to pay my bills.             But the cost is I trade my time.

       it gives me something to do with my day               But  I cant do the things I want to do

                                                                                                          . – ie enjoy myself. 

      it provides a community and interaction                 But not necessarily with people that I want to associate with.


In the long term –  entreprenuership is the best solution (in my mind) – and I hope Im able to convince you.   Free yourself.   Yes you will have to do some work at the start (no more than you are doing in your current JOB) – but the rewards will come and you will be better off in the long term. 

            Ill have all the time and money to do the things I want with the people I want.    


Mmmm which option?   

The ability to create wealth, freedom and a lifestyle  … or stay as an employee – and work for someone else.    Whats the secret to changing my situation. 

 Work vs Rest   – employee  – work 5 rest 2  –  entreprenuer.. work 7 – but have flexible hours 


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