Are you frustrated with living pay check to pay check, dodging debt collectors and stressing over whether your phone is going to be cut off, or whether you can pay the bills.  Electricity costs are rising, food costs are rising, medical costs (if  you can afford them) – educating your children… everything is costing more and more.  Not having money makes life extremely stressful (or does it) – and difficult.

Does being wealthy mean you have a lot of “things” or you are financially stress free, free from debt, able to do what you want, when you want.   Being wealthy has many meanings for different people, yet the traditional image of wealthy is someone who has whatever they want and has no “money” worries.   What if, people who live like they have money, are financially stressed – would it be worth having the money?     I know some of the poorest people, who are financially not worried.

Each and every one of us experiences wealth differently – and aspires to have individual “things” circumstances and situations in our life.  Each and every one of us may dream of bigger and better things, or just have simpler lives.  Either way, whatever it is we desire, it will involve doing something different to achieve an outcome.

What do you need or want to have an abundant life?   Are you struggling to find wealth and abundance in your life?

Is it all too hard, everything you try just turns to dust. Do you have a dream of the “perfect” life.  Are you on track to achieving and creating your goals and dream life?

Are you “wealthy” ?

Imagine having all that you desire in life, no worries, no stress, anything that you want. Do you believe you would be happier then.   Have you heard that many wealthy people will tell you that even having more money than they know what to do with, it’s not the money that makes them happy.  It is the ability to be of service, to give that is fulfilling.  Would you be able to believe that with little to no money – you could be estactically happy.?

Dream a little of having  excess ‘stuff” and money, you know – the ability to go on a holiday without having to plan for months, years even.  Being able to eat out at a restaurant and look at the menu rather than the prices.   Buying $600 shoes instead of $60 or $16  ones.  Giving expensive gifts at Christmas time to your loved ones – life would be expanded.

Have you ever contemplated having more money or wealth than you do now?    Does the thought of unlimited financial freedom create fear – or excitement.   Are you successful?   What is your perception of wealth and wealthy people?   These and many more questions are ones I would like you to consider – because until you address them – you will never, that’s never change your life.

Do you fear wealth?  Does the phrases “filthy rich” resonate with you.    Can there be too much wealth for one person?  What would change for you if you were wealthy – would you have time freedom, inner (stress free) freedom, financial freedom… a lifestyle…

PLEASE CONSIDER  – A Different Way to View Wealth.

What would you say, if I said right now, this very minute, with only 41c to my name, I am wealthy.  I would not have believed this either until I completed an abundance training seminar and learned to see wealth and abundance differently.

How would you manage your wealth?

Would you store it all away for a rainy day.

Would you set it up to provide for just you and your family.

I believe we are all wealthy, we just don’t see it.  In years gone by I had a black attitude toward wealth.  Until through a process of personal development and debunking some secret beliefs, I learned to see wealth differently.  With wealth we can be of assistance to others, we can impact on more people.  .  By being wealthy we can provide for others – either in the form of creating employment for others, or in giving to others.

May I suggest that if you are happy with your current income… it is such that you have a stress free life, that should you create more wealth – you may consider, if you are not already doing this – GIVING THE EXCESS AWAY!

If $50,000 a year is enough for you to live comfortably and not want for anything… please look at giving all extra that you create to a charity…  For in Giving we Receive more.

How do you create your wealth?

Employment  –  trading time for dollars…….. no time freedom

Business       –   trading skills for dollars……. limited time freedom

Online and Network Marketing business  …initial limited time freedom… but unlimited after a period of consistent effort.

You see, we are so caught up in securing our own financial future, that we forget about others… and we begin to be miserly, or resentful, or just plain tired.  Once we realise that abundance is separate and different to wealth, we become wealthy.

Traditional  Wealth Creation Strategies are

Employment, Debt until paid out – them stress from not enough to live on   or if for some reason you have created some wealth – you invest in  Property, Shares, Businesses…

I am suggesting that you explore something a little Unconventional – but with unlimited Potential – it still takes the same amount of time and effort as the traditional methods but the returns are so much more.

Are you frustrated with