Empower Network is a revolutionary program that allows you to be yourself, promote your business and grow – by becoming wealthy and discover yourself. It is a journey to a better life.  

This is a community, or rather a movement, designed to help people create their dream lives by providing tools and knowledge to aid you in becoming wealthy.

Becoming Wealthy with Empower Network.So what is Empower Network really?

Here's the insider facts on Empower Network:

Up front – it's a done for you blogging platform.   No more learning how to create a blog, install themes or plugins, do backups or uploads… no more having to do anything complex on the internet.  You just sign in and well, write!.  

Out back – its a team, community, its a movement, its a training platform, its a partner processor, Oh and did I mention you can get paid as well.  

You are a smart person, you don't want to be scammed or caught short, so you are doing your due diligence, and I commend you for that.   Wise move.  You also want to know that you are partnering with the right team.  After all, you want to be in a group of people that are supportive and encouraging.  Not left somewhere out in the cold to go it alone.    You want to know you are in a team that has the right tools, training and systems to move your life and business forward with intention. 

My intention here is to provide an informative look at the Empower Network, so that you are aware of the pros and cons of this business model, and are enabled to make a smart decision as to whether the Empower Network business is something that is right for you. 

My purpose is to share useful knowledge and techniques to follow in a journey of becoming wealthy, changing your life for the better and having a different life.  Empower Network is just one of the tools I use that is enabling me to change my life. 

What Does Merna Dwyer Really Know About Empower Network?  And Why Would You Take My Advice?

Well, this is probably the first time we have met, so I would like to briefly share my Empower Network journey with you.  I'm not sure where you are at on your online journey, but I believe I can empathise with your journey and possible struggle. 

You see, prior to joining Empower Network, I had struggled online, I had bought many programs, e-books, coaching sessions – you name it, I've probably got it.  All very good information and useful also.  There was one element missing for me and I found that in Empower Network. 

Since joining Empower Network, things have changed for me.  

You see, I know about struggling online, I know about mindset and budgets and things that may hold you back.  I get it.  I know about being "scammed".  For a long time I felt I had been over and over.  I know where you are at.   

So when I say Empower Network is different, Empower Network is unique, Empower Network is easy.   I mean it.  

I have tapped into so much more than an easy system to use.  Empower Network has given me the right tools, the right mindset, the right activities to do that I needed in order to follow the dream of becoming wealthy – financially independent, stress free, living the life I wanted – not had to.

Connect with me to learn how you can access all these tools to grow your business with Empower Network today. Go ahead, get in touch with me via email, Skype, or leave comment below, ring me even, right now



Will Empower Network REALLY work for you? 

That really is a double edged sword question.    You see, it will for some and not for others.  That's fodder for another blog post.   Regardless of whether this is your first attempt at making it online or you have had numerous attempts, Im sure you get where Im coming from when I talk about struggling online.  Yet for some reason, we are here – fighting through the learning curves and technical challenges.   There is something inside of us that just won't quit.  For a long time, I felt like I was wasting my time, but I kept at it – and I finally "Got It".   Flashing lights, alarm bells, fireworks.. I had finally put all the pieces together.  Then I took massive action. 

There's just one fundamental problem here, just because I kept going doesn't mean that everyone will.   That learning curve can be a bit steep, so if my team are going to succeed, they will need a system that will help them cut through the struggles.  

Now, if you understand the potential and possibilities of this industry, you will know of duplication.  If your team succeeds – you succeed.  This is what got me seeking out a system that would assist my partners and give the ability to become wealthy and start earning an income by following a proven step by step action plan putting them into profit – today. 

There is really a lot to learn online, and that in itself is the cause many give up.   Couple that with a lack of interest in learning all this technology – most don't even get going.  Yet it is kind of essential to your online success – and ultimately your network marketing business success.   There are two simple yet vital things you need to succeed at an online business:

                         ✔     Traffic

                         ✔     Conversions.

Now you can't have those two simple, yet vital elements if you don't have a website – and not just any old website – you need one that converts your visitors to sales.  This doesn't really happen overnight – unless you have access to the EMPOWER NETWORK.    So if you are going it alone… and you have mastered creating a website, installing plugins,  cpanels, hostings, domains, capture pages and such – most people don't know how to drive traffic to it.    That's another piece of the puzzle.

So, if you could find a done for you website, that allows you to promote your own product or online business, or them, and reaches the top search engines,  wouldn't you want to be part of it.   But, you'll have to decide that, I guess.    Here's a lot more info on the benefits of Empower Network!. 

And yes, I get it.. there is a lot of hype and who ha about great internet marketing tools that you just have to have.. so I know you are being cautious.  It is hard to know what is for real and what's not.   I know, it took me ages to discover something that I felt I could believe in, and DO, and use.    That's why I've gone all out here to write about the Empower Network so openly.  

I have been part of the Empower Network Community for almost a year now. I have seen many many people go from nothing to success.. simply by following the system.  At first, I'll be honest with you – I didn't .. but that's not the Empower Network's fault.  I didn't follow the system.  I didn't do the trainings.  As soon as I got my head clear and started to focus on creating alternate income streams.. things changed for me.    

Once I got into the training – from industry leaders,  I learned so much.. then the community – that was a bonus.    David Wood and David Sharpe – the founders of Empower Network, understand struggle.  They have a strong vision to help others.. and a strong opinion on what YOU must do to get yourself out of your funk, to change your life for the better and to work toward becoming wealthy and succeeding at making more money. 

I've spent four long years trying to fit the pieces together… trying to find the missing bit, to decipher what they weren't telling me…  Now with Empower Network and access to the great support network – that I can offer you also… there is no stopping me.    or YOU.    Don't get me wrong – there is a learning curve.. but stick to it, commit and change your life for the better while you are making more money than ever before.  

You don't have any technical things to worry about here… so you can focus on becoming wealthy, creating multiple income streams and alternate income streams to set you up for life. 


So Ive been going on and on about Empower Network – and for good reason.   What used to take months now takes seconds.

Currently there are 4 different products available. 


Empower Network is a personalised wordpress blog/website that you have access to right from the moment you join.   All the technical aspects of getting a website and capture pages online have been removed.  

Now if you are a bit more advanced, thats ok – these are not just replicated sites like so many other online businesses give you.   There is the ability to customise your blog to be more individual – to express yourself and your business.  Giving you the potential to connect with your prospects in a way that is uniquely you. 

Empower Network has all this set up instantly for you:   High converting sales funnels, capture pages, squeeze pages, landing pages, your own personal blog pages, and a sales process  that is proven to convert.  

One other thing you need to be successful online is – Traffic.    Since Empower Network is an authority blogging platform (ranked around 500 in Alexia) it is so eay to drive traffic to it. 

You can decide to use Empower Network in whatever way suits you – to market any product, service, business opportunity or otherwise.  Empower Network gives you the ability to do what you want, and earn how you want.   What's even better, if you decide to resell Empower Network – you earn 100% commissions..   Did I mention that before, yes 100% commissions. 


If you'd like to learn more about this awesome idea, make sure you visit the Empower Network Compensation Plan                          

You'll soon see how easy it is to duplicate.  Now it may not be for everyone.   Keep reading this Empower Network Review to get all the facts. 


This is where the rubber hits the road.   Not only does it enable you to earn an additional $100 per month, per sale.  This is where you access way more by way of advanced training techniques, motivation, tips and strategies on how to grow your business and content to write – all from industry to producers and earners.    If you just have 1 person join with you this membership is "free" to you as well.  Simply because you receive 100% commissions!


This video series was recorded when David Wood sold this retreat for ($2,997.00).   Cutting edge insight and advanced marketing strategies are shared in this elite group.  This will take you to the next level enabling you to become a 7 figure business. 

This is the level where you begin to move up.  You need this level to get a greater understanding of online marketing and to begin to implement all the strategies.  This has the potential to change your life. 

15K Formula  – $1000 One Time Fee 

This too is a 12 module (currently being revamped) video series – detailing all the extra insight required to be a 7 figure and more earner.  David Wood shares his knowledge and experience as well as having other successful members of Empower Network reveal their tips and strategies.   Sold for $1000 but valued at much more more – each module is 2-3 hours long and over delivers in value – they could all be sold for $1000 each!

Once you start generating income with Empower Network, remember it is recurring income.  That's right.. you'll continue to receive this income over and over every month.  Provided you have joined at all the levels.   You only receive your income to the level that you have joined – and it someone purchases more than you – then the sale passes up.  So you can see what it's imperative that you get "all in" as they say. 

This system is special.  Why, because for the first time, this is something anyone can use and generate results from – and reach unlimited levels of success by becoming wealthy.  There are no technical challenges to contend with, all you have to do is follow a simple plan. 

Now I am fortunate that I am part of an Elite Team – and  I can offer extensive training that details exactly what the leaders of Empower Network do to generate multiple 6 figures whilst becoming wealthy.  Duplication is the secret. 


Well, that's difficult to answer, you see, there are a few things that will determine this answer.   There are many factors that come into play here.. like your work ethic, where you are in your life and what your desires for success truly is.    I'd be happy to connect with you… give me a call, so we can chat about what's going on for you right now.  Please though, only contact me if you are very serious about moving forward. 

Success with the Empower Network, really only comes down to three simple proven steps. The path is proven, and well used.  You simply have to COPY what has worked for others.

It you are the kind of person who TAKES ACTION in life and knows a good thing when you see it, feel free to connect with me, we'll get you started on the path to making more money.


Just like everything online – there are expenses.. usually ongoing.    After all this is a business – not a get rich quick scheme.   

Now you do have options – you can decide NOT to integrate an Autoresponder – like Aweber or Get Response  – a vehicle to collect your potential prospects details enabling you to stay in touch with them – they will go onto someone else's list – meaning lost income to you – as if they buy – they will buy under that person.   So not a good idea to not have an autoresponder.  Factor in an additional $19 or so a month.

As well as that – you MUST have your own merchant account.  This enables you to accept the payments from others.  So factor in another $19 or so for this service.   As a business owner YOU are responsible for how well your business operates.   YOU need to be able to accept payments – after all that is what you want , isn't it – to make money. 

Eventually down the track it would be recommended that you look at getting your own capture pages and websites.  Otherwise you will start to look just like everyone else.  However, this can happen over time.  It does mean higher conversions and more sales – but doesn't have to happen straight away. 

Also – consider who you are joining.. make sure you connect with them. Reach out and ask quetsions of them, see if they are going to be around to work with you – not FOR you but with you.

Finally if you are the kind of person who likes to "have" something for their money  you may have to rethink this business, or any online business for that matter.  What you are getting here is knowledge, information, training, web pages, capture pages – all things that you just have to believe in – like Santa Claus, God or luck and fate.   They do exist, the do work for you and they are worth the investment.


  • 100% commissions  –  paid directly to you.  If you are in the program
  • Done for you marketing system and website and capture pages. 
  • Low start up costs – $25 monthly fee.. but advertising and marketing – which you control how much you spend.
  • Potential Long Term Residual Income – this is a growth business, paid to levels down the organisation.  The more people who join the more you make.
  • 100% commissions recurring monthly. 
  • High retention.   It seems that most people remain in the company – because they are producing their own material – there is a high level of ownership – therefore they do not wish to pass that up to someone else should they leave the company.
  • Simple Easy to use system.   Seriously, its really easy.  Even if you have never used a computer before  – you would be able to work this out.  Besides there is an ocean of support and community to assist you.
  • Constantly updated and highly tested capture pages, sales pages and systems pre-made for you.    This saves you a large learning curve. 
  • Empower Network is growing – currently positioned no 41 out of 801 Network Marketing opportunities on NPros.com –  and it is only 1 year old!  Racing up the ranks and creating trends in the industry.  Get in now because as this system grows the cost has to go up.   
  • 100% commissions is something that is unheard of – I am unaware of any other company that offers 100% commissions.  
  • the Ocean of support, community and comraderie amongst the participants.
  • Finally – the big benefit  – Company Leadership – David Wood and David Sharpe – understand what it is like to have nothing, feel like nothing and they are the most transparent when it comes to sharing information and knowledge. 


If you believe and can see the potential earning with this company  – Click here and get all in like I did.  Alternatively – if you feel even slightly uncertain – perhaps it may not be for you.  Success only comes to those who are committed – and who believe in themselves.   Dipping your toe in and "trying" doesnt work – How do I know – well that's what I did – and all that happened was I became cynical and negative.    Fortunately for me, Im stubborn and I met with a great Mentor who was able to assist my mindset.  That's when things changed for me. 

If you are feeling slightly disbelieving – but you want to connect and work through your mindset issues before purchasing this – Im happy to help you out.  But you need to be willing to re-evaluate how you see things.  Yes, I know thing's haven't worked out for you before.  – Are those companies still going –  what was your mindset like then.   


  • You are a hard worker who desperately wants a life – to break free from the corporate world of 9-5 and begin to enjoy your days free from a J.O.B. 
  • You are a stay at home mum – who wants to provide more for her family, and to get her husband out of the rat race so he can enjoy the kids more, instead of coming home work out and too exhausted to even want to have them around.
  • You are looking for something extra.  Perhaps you are happy with your current work and lifestyle – but you just need that little bit extra cash to do a little more
  • You are an experienced business/marketing person and would like to add an additional stream of income to your repertoire
  • You are a network marketer and want to explore more options, and make like a little easier. 
  • You are interested in blogging – but not the techie side of things.
  • You are tired of itty bitty commissions – you want 100% commissions
  • You have a story to tell – and need somewhere to share it 

Just remember – this is a Business Opportunity – and it takes time to master and develop.  The beauty is there is a lot of training, support and industry knowledge available to you – should you wish to avail yourself of it – and apply what they suggest.   You can and will fail – if you do not participate and contribute – and DO.   YOU are responsible for your success –  and only you can produce the content and  apply what is being taught and direct your traffic to your site.

So NOW YOU KNOW – EMPOWER NETWORK – what do you think – are you In?   Sign Up Here