Here is a Send Out Cards Review – A Company that lets you express yourself, and rewards you!

When searching for a vehicle to change your life – or create wealth – may I recommend you find something that resonates with you. Something that you believe in fiercely and are dedicated to promoting. Success will come easily if this is the case.

For me, I enjoy making people feel good and Send Out Cards was the perfect solution.

Here is my Send Out Cards Review.

Here is how Send Out Cards began… maybe it will resonate with you too…

Send Out Cards is the brainchild of CEO Kody Bateman. A visionary and all round wonderfully giving man.

The two fold mission of Send Out Cards is:

  1. Help millions of people act on their promptings
  2. Provide a vehicle for financial freedom.


Like most great companies, they begin on an idea that is brought about by an experience, a lesson or a need. Kody had a life changing experience. When moving away from home after college, Kody had a strong feeling – a prompting – to get out of his car, hug his brother, and say goodbye. He didn’t, and insteand honked the horn, waved and headed off to New York. Kody passed up what turned out to be his last opportunity to connect with his brother, and he never forgot that lesson. When Kris died in an accident two months later, Kody made a promise that he would always act on a prompting and help others to do the same.

Send Out Cards was formed from that promise, and now this innovative company helps thousands of people around the world act on their promptings. If you have ever experienced that “feeling’ that you should do something and you don’t – then regret it.. you have had a prompting. Kody explains more about the vision of Send Out Cards in this video.

The CEO, Kody Bateman is a visionary.   He created this company on a dream – and by surrounding himself with the best people he and all of the dedicated distributors have grown it into a multi million dollar company in a short space of time.  The goal is to have it as a household name and a Billion Dollar Company within the next few years.


Send Out Cards offers a quality product at an affordable price.    With Send Out Cards you have the ability to create, customise and send personalised postcards, cards and gifts to your family, friends, colleagues and clients – any where in the world.   Send Out Cards Gifts

This cost effective service has many other added benefits as well.

You can organise and schedule specific delivery dates for your cards, create automated campaigns (a set and forget kind of feature) so that you can stay in touch with everyone regularly.   This is a big benefit to businesses as it is a unique way to strengthen relationships and build connections.

You can send a card and a gift right from the comfort of your own home – any time of year.

Other products include Canvas prints, Metal prints, Calendars, Promotional Material, Photo Books, T shirts and much much more.

The Send Out Cards product range is amazing – imagine getting paid to send out love everyday!


A Send Out Cards Review of the compensation plan…

Send Out Cards is a network marketing company.

There are several different ways to get paid.    The most common ways are by selling the products and service itself and receiving a commission or by sponsoring new distributors into the organisation.

The company also offers several bonuses you can qualify for, which give you the ability to earn more up front income as you build toward your long term residual income goal.    You are also paid monthly on your team’s sales volume.

Shortly before his death Kris had a prompting – he needed insurance. Kris started to look at different companies and eventually he found a found who was selling term life insurance. His friend shared the presentation for the company selling life insurance through network marketing. This presentation would change the lives of Kody an Kris forever.

Kody and his wife, Jodi, saw the potential in network marketing being the vehicle to financial independence.

“There is no greater gift on the planet tht you can give anybody than the opportunity to create residual income – to create financial independence in their life” Kody Bateman.

Check out the video below that explains the compensation plan and click this link to go to the Send Out Cards website to have it detailed further

Click here for a PDF of the compensation plan

and   click here for the income disclosure….

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