Getting started online can be a bit overwhelming and daunting… here is a quick video where

I explain my understanding of it to you… 

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COMING SOON.. My Geniuses in Disguise Treasure Map.. that guides you to buried online treasure.

Here are my recommended tools… I currently use and am an affiliate of all of these products.

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If you are uncertain as to how each product will assist you – go here and connect with me and lets set up a time 

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If you want to access your files anywhere, anytime this is a great tool to use to store files in the clouds. 

Click the picture and you will be able to join for free. 







Apart from a product/business to promote – An autoresponder is the number one item you need.  Why..  Your sole goal online

is to connect and build relationships with those who want to work with you.   The best way (apart from individual contact) is via an automated email send called an Autoresponder. 

It collects the names of those people who opt in to your sales and capture pages and lets you maintain contact, share interesting stories and provide product information

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Syndication is basically working together with others to promote each other.   This is done by connecting and then contributing to the other persons personal and business growth.  It can be done via automated tools, like Tribepro.    Joining Tribepro helps you to get your blog content syndicated.  You join different tribes and then follow or syndicate others and they generally syndicate and follow back.   It is an automated process for distributing your content onto other social network sights.   

If you are an Empower Network member… and you want some extra awesome syndication tips and help join this Simple 2 Advertise program.. Click the banner…




Its a really good idea to track all of your promotional links.. this is something I didn't really grasp in the beginning.. Basically because no one was clicking my links.. but once I began to get traffic, I realised it was essentail to know which promotion and where the clicks were coming from.   There are a few different versions of tracking available.. the more the merrier I say.    

PrettyLink… is a great program that you install on your wordpress blog – and you can cloak your links and keep track of how many clicks come through. 

There is a free and paid version.  Obviously, the paid version gives  you access to much more useful information, however the free version is good also. 


but here is a great affordable tracking product…

Tracking allows you to see what advertising you are doing is working and what is perhaps a waste of money.  So make sure you track all of your links by 

using this easy to use tracking program. 

Just click the banner and you'll be taken to a sign up page.   

There are FREE tracking programs available… but they may have limited capabilities. 

btlyBitly  offers a URL redirection service with real-time link tracking for free.  You can bundle your links and check out the stats simply by navigating around the easy to use webpage.    Bitly links can also be automatically sent to Twitter and Facebook.  You can join a community of people and connect and follow others also. 


One way to promote your links and capture pages is by using a list builder – it can be a little time consumer, because you are joining sites, gaining credits and them

sending out bulk mailouts to people who have joined this sites…    this program Traffic Zipper – makes things a whole lot easier…