Have you read the book  365 Thank Yous by John Kralik –  – its a terrific read.  A true life story about how a man changed his life by being grateful. He went from a failing business and relationships to a whole new life.    From a dire place he decided to each day write a thank you note to someone for something that he was grateful for.  He details the repercussions of each thank you – and the changes that occurred to his attitude and life from a simple act of gratitude. 

Life gets interesting when you see things differently.  Once you begin to define yourself in a different light – people notice.  This takes courage and boldness – to consistently hold a dissimilar attitude. 

Begin Now to be the person you are.  Not the person you have been, or the person you have been educated to be.  Develop your own style.  As you grow you become a better person.  Trouble is it sets you out of alignment with your friends – which is difficult – but life changing. 

You have to learn to agree to disagree.  You need to give your friends the space to be right in their world.  Regardless of how you see things – because it will be differently to them.  This consenting to let people believe what is right for them is treating people with respect.

Its not about telling people that their problems are their fault.  What you choose to believe to be true – is true for you.    Your mind believes what it is conditioned to believe and acts accordingly.  For example, if you believe that there is a snake at the bottom of your feet, your reaction will be the same regardless of whether their is truly a snake there or not.  See how your reacting just from thinking about it.. and you know there is no snake there – yet you believed it to be true – and it was. 

It is disempowering to try to change how people choose to be in their world.   If you want to create your world as a victim – thats whats right for you!.  So how do you cope with all these changes in your life.

Easy – once you start to see things differently, to be grateful for any opportunity – good or bad – your world expands.  

Stop associating with those negative nellies – love them but allow them to experience what they are experiencing and just focus on your own world. 

So how do you begin to define your world differently.?

It all in what  you see – and how you react.   Obvious things tend to be the easiest things to miss. Go within and choose your own destiny – how you go about your life – what you are appreciative or grateful for. 

Be different from those around you and acknowledge each and every opportunity you have to extend yourself.  

Gratitude is meant to be shared – not just acknowledged within and forgot.    Tell those who you appreciate that they are doing well, acknowledge the emotion in every situation and learn to grow. 

Its easy to be grateful and show it.  Sharing your thoughts, words and deeds without begins here.. by sending a card.

With 37 different options to begin with – it truly is inspiring to look for ways to acknowledge people.

Download 37 Reasons to send a card  and start being grateful today.