The postman brings good cheer – not tears.

I remember the days when all I wanted to do was booby trap the footpath so the postman couldn’t get to the mailbox.   Id leave the gate open so my vicious 18yr old blind and deaf dog could “rush” out and scare him off or “accidentally” spill bottle tops and nails in his path.   Even considered putting a mouse trap in the mailbox – but then figured the only one who would get hurt would be me!.

Why did I want to do all these horrible things…  well it was depressing going to the mailbox.  

All there ever was in there were those white window faced envelopes – the kind the bill company sends… or the phone bill, electricity bill, registration.. fees.. health bills.. you know the sort of thing – maybe you even get them.

Or, on a good day and there were no bills.. Id be greeted by a slimy snail or twelve!.   

Now – things have changed, I meet the postman at the mailbox.  I hear his bike coming down the footpath and I can gauge if he is going to slow down or not – and he usually does.  

Instead of bills – I get Cards.. from everywhere in the world.  FOR NO REASON other than I am connected with a lot of kind, thoughtful, inspiring and generous souls.    

On a good day – I can wander out and there will be a pressie or two there –  brownies, candles, motivational books are my favorite (hint hint!)..  


Apart from the joy I get knowing someone is going to get a surprise card from me  –( its a bright start to my day to think of someone to send a card too) …  its awesome when they ring, email or text me to say thank you.   Eventually they even get it and said a thank you card back!

APPRECIATE EVERYONE  – no matter what!

Everyone wants to be appreciated.. regardless of what walk of life they are in – everyone wants to know that people think they are great.

Its not something that as a society we do very well.  We are quick to judge and criticise and slow to be thankful. 

I remember one day waiting in line at a café to get my lunch – the women behind the counter was going soooooo sssslllllooowww.      Honestly I could have grow the veges in the time it took her to make my sandwich. ( maybe a slight over exaggeration – but hey Im a busy person with no time to spare – )

Anyway, Im standing there the cue is getting longer and Im getting hungry and impatient – wasting my precious lunch break standing in a cue…  and it occurred to me that the poor women just didn’t look happy.    

Eventually it was my turn.  She looked up and asked “Can I help you” – with such pain in her eyes.    I gave her my order and set about waiting.  While I waited I wondered – What are you doing here?    Finally my lunch was made and she handed me my sandwich, told me the price and put out her hand to collect my money.    

That’s when I said to her in a quiet tone  – “are you having a bad day?”  She looked at me oddly and said – “yes – my arthritis is playing up, the pain is horrible.  Im the only one on today..its usually quiet and no one else could come in”.  I told her to keep up the good work and not work too hard.  She smiled – both of us knowing that, that wasn’t possible.  But the look on her face changed from one of pain to gratitude.  Someone actually had acknowledged that she was trying hard.

I didn’t send cards back then… but I wish I had of.  She totally deserved a hero card. 

That’s when I realised that people  just need to be appreciated for the effort (how ever “small” it may appear to you) that they put in.   For some it’s a big deal to do the smallest of things… and that’s ok….. its not the activity or the size of your heart – it’s the heart in your activity that counts.    

That’s why Im always looking for people to send cards to – everyone deserves acknowledgement and acceptance.

Everyone is doing what they can to contribute.  Just because its not as much as I can do – or think they should be doing – doesn’t make it not worthwhile