Would you like to know the secret to getting what you haven’t got?

What do you want that you ain’t got?

If you are like me and most people, there are things in your life that you wish you could have more of, and probably things in your life that you want, yet have not gotten yet.

Just out of curiousity, are you enjoying the work you do?    Does it leave you satisfied and excited to do more.    Is there anything in your life that you would like to accomplish or achieve yet you are uncertain of what to do to have it.   Are you truly enjoying every moment of every day? 

Recently I got to listen to the song below, and it really touched a cord (no pun intented) with me about how often you want things you haven’t got.      How much do you take for granted and feel that you are entitled to, but are not prepared to put in the time and effort to accomplish what you want in order to achieve what you desire..

This song hit home because there were so many things in life that I wanted, and didn’t know how to get, and that impacted on my enjoyment of everything in my life.    I felt caught up in an endless pit of stress, fear, anxiety and despair, unaware that there are so many ways to enjoy life more.

I wasn’t always content, happy and relaxed with my life.  In fact, I spent a lot of time screaming like a banchee, stressed about money, feeling like I never had enough, and working really really hard.  Not only was I not enjoying my life, every moment of it felt like strenuous work.

I imagined a different life to the one I had.   All you want to do is build a life, so that you can relax, spend time with family, create new lasting memories and reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle – not concerned about being able to afford surgery, or even medication, should something go wrong.

There is a solution and it starts with expanding your mindset, exploring opportunities and then experiencing results by taking action.   Would you be interested in having more enjoyment in your work, so that your whole life could be in a state of flow

No more if this happens, then I’ll take that holiday, rest, have more fun.   It can be happening right now in the moment and you don’t have to feel like you ain’t got what you want.

If I could help you get the things you ain’t got…  more happiness, more work enjoyment, more satisfaction would you be interested in finding out how.   Connect with me… book a free Discovery Session consult and lets explore how you could enjoy life and work more and get what you want.

Just one more thing, watch these videos, – and think about the things in your life that you want but ain’t got yet.   Then ponder on how you might be able to get them.  I know a way.

The first one is my most favourite group ever, – Home Free gave me a new lease on life, helped me to discover a passion for living and motivated me to accomplish my dreams.   I hope they do the same for you…

The second one, has powerful visuals, that gets you thinking about what you take foregranted and that if you wait too long, you may never get what you want.

As you watch these videos, think of your life – What do you want that you ain’t got – and how serious are you about getting it?

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then watch the original – by Jake Owens – it is really powerful. Gets you thinking.

For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.
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