Win at changing your life?

Doing Life Differently


Tired of floundering in stressful overwhelming situations thinking there is no way to change and no hope of finding a new direction.

Perhaps it’s time to ditch self-doubt and step authentically into your vault of personal power and potential.  Just use the hidden skills you have to step into a different and better lifestyle, and you can live life on your terms.
Here, you can win at changing your life.

What Executive Wellness Coaching Can Do For You

Career Repurpose Audit

Decrease Risk, Uncertainty & Stress of transitioning to a fulfilling career change We explore the 2 options for a career restructure. A mindset reset. We work on ways you would get the most out of your role and career or something completely different. This involves taking your skills and knowledge and creatively transitioning into another field or your own business.

Life Audit

Discover what's keeping you stuck and which of the 7 areas of life may require more direction, intention and energy. Re-design life so you can live on your terms stress-free, enjoyable, profitable, and resilient. Implementing the Flow Method, to embrace opportunities, create direction, intention and energy to reduce overwhelm, relax and enjoy uncertainty. Surrender to adventure, trust life's journey.

Emotional Stamina Audit

Identify and Decrease Stresses, Reduce Risk, Increase Courage & take action as your body relaxes. We work alongside you to build emotional stamina and identify emotional triggers to develop strategies and actions to improve, maintain and build emotional resilience.

Business Wellness Audit

Evaluating and formulating strategies to grow and improve the presence of your business. Marketing, copywriting, website design, and social media strategies to help your business grow to support you financially, emotionally and allow you to live life on your terms. You control the business not the business controlling you.

  • Person centred, solution focused approachs – it’s about you
  • Discover your personal potential vault
  • Unlock the shifts you wish to make
  • Identify What Needs to Change
  • Evaluate making the decision to become unstuck
  • Commit to commencing the transition
  • Provide tools and strategies to sit with loss and grief
  • Lock in the desire to move on
Doing Life Differently
  • Turn Frustrations to Flow 
  • Reset, realign, refocus and revamp your life. 
  • Learn how to deal with dis-stress, become unstuck, be less overwhelmed and
  • Escape from a life you don’t enjoy.
  • Ensure Enjoyment and Joy in your work
  • Let you live life on your terms
  • Put Fun back in life’s Sh!(f)t
  • Intuitively address any road blocks
  • Develop emotional stamina, capacity and resilience

Amber says: 
I cannot recommend Merna enough! She CHANGED MY LIFE!  I was super lost and didn’t know what I wanted, she helped me get a clear vision and gave me instructions on how to get it. I’ve got everything I set out for. All thanks to Merna. Best thing I ever did! 10/10 would recommend. It’ll change your life.”