Personal Freedom

Do you know how to define your personal freedom?  It’s something we crave in today’s world.  Read on for 5 Tips to Create Personal Freedom in your life.  I don’t know about you, but it seems we are all busy and it feels like there never is enough time to do the things that you want to.  I feel we don’t have the freedom to choose what, how, where we spend our time, money or energy.  Similarly, if you find the time to do the things you want – it’s never for long enough.

Imagine a life that is free from stress, worry, job pressures and from pain and health issues or financial burden.  Oh, Bliss.


Freedom and personal freedom mean so much more than being able to come and go as you please.  One dictionary definition adds  “equality before the courts, security of private property, freedom of opinion and its expression, and freedom of conscience subject to the rights of others and the public”. Personal freedom encompasses Personal Liberty. – The definition of personal liberty is “the freedom of the individual to do as he pleases limited only by the authority of politically organised society to regulate his action to secure the public health, safety, or morals or of other recognised social interests.”

Freedom then for me, is the ability to do whatever you want, so long as it doesn’t infringe on anyone else’s right to do whatever they want.
Increasing your personal freedom or independence involves developing the capacity and resourcefulness necessary to do whatever it is you truly want to do.  Being your own person requires independence of thought, feeling, and action.


Imagine living with limited freedom. Restricted and unable to go where you please and having to explain your reasons for doing so. You may not even go when you wish. The feeling of no control would eat away at your core.
Yet, people chose to live like this because of their mindset. A series of events conditioned them to impose restrictions on themselves.

Personal Freedom Create A Stress-free life

Have you heard the story of the fleas in a jar?  There are fleas in a bottle, closed by a lid.  Every day the fleas jump and jump, trying to escape.  Every time they jump, they hid the lid of the jar.  Tired and exhausted, they stop jumping. They know they will hit the cap and are not able to go anywhere.  When that happens, remove the cover, after that, even when the fleas jump, they only jump as high as the lid. They never discover that they are free if they were to jump just a little higher.
Are you living like a flea?
We do this out of fear. Fear of living, of dying, of consequences (real or imagined), and fear of failing all stop us in our tracks. There are so many reasons.


Have you ever contemplated what it would be like to have the freedom to: –

  •  travel where ever you wanted – whenever you wish
  • wake up when you want to – not when the alarm says too
  • be extravagant – with your time, your money, your love?
Consider whether you are living a limited life with restricted personal freedom?  What would being free mean to you?
You deserve to have a vibrant life, to live stress-free to accomplish your dreams.   Now is the time to expand your thinking to abundance rather than scarcity. To start, you can explore your wealth blueprint and how it affects your personal freedom.   See if you can recognise which limiting belief fits you.
To be free is to have the ability to be independent, to choose, to contribute, to belong and to be creative.

What are your beliefs around having the freedom of time?  – What does it “say” about you if you do not work long hours?  Do you enjoy or fear to do nothing or is that being productive?  Have you questioned your thinking around whether you need to work long hours, under pressure? Therefore you would have discovered that you could decrease the overwhelm, chaos and anxiety in your life and create a stress-free experience of personal freedom.


Conditioned to believe it is not right to have too much freedom, we restrict ourselves because of our fear to step out of our comfort zones.  Daring not to risk anything we limit our growth.  We limit our opportunities with obstacles.  We restrain ourselves from experiencing something beautiful because of our strategies to keep ourselves safe.  Self-oppression becomes natural.   Our fears hold us back.  Limited thinking and patterns of thought, poor decisions and doubt strip us and keep us living in overwhelm, stress and worry.  Tied down, we live in a life that stops us from being enthused, energetic and driven to create a stress-free relaxed experience of personal freedom and liberty. 

Additionally, we fear the judgements of others. You are reminded that you do not have the skills, knowledge or capacity to accomplish your dreams.   We believe this garbage because our experiences and perceptions prove that we are not worthy of achieving more.  We have not expanded our thinking enough to understand that we are competent.


It starts with a mindset shift.  It finishes with a stress-free life and personal freedom.

In today’s world – with technology at our fingertips, and jobs changing from how they are done, anything is possible, personal freedom is possible.

We can live without sacrificing our lifestyle, in fact, we can improve the quality of our life, working less, earning more and enjoying everything every day.   This is independence and true personal freedom.

No longer do you need to work 8 to 16 hr days – just to scrape by.   You can break free.  By choosing for yourself, you create self-mastery. This is true personal freedom, I mean, when you know what is important to you and you live by your values and are authentic in what you do – you are free.

Victor Frankel wrote, a human being is a deciding being. Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space, there is our power – free will – to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. Freedom to make choices that will determine our destiny.

Prepare to dedicate some time to pursue personal lifestyle freedom by scheduling an Adventure Session with me. Let’s chat.  There are many diverse solutions to allow you to create personal freedom, whatever that looks like to you.


  1. To begin, balance all the areas of your life.  Experiment with what matters most to you.   Test and try new things and discover what you want to spend your time doing, who you want to be and where you want to be.
  2. Get uncomfortable.  When we stick with what we know, we don’t grow.  Its lovely to stay in our comfort zone, however, expanding that takes you into greater awareness and more personal freedom.  Knowing that you are capable and able allows you to ditch fear. Each path has a learning curve and may push you out of your comfort zone.  Yet, growth is the only path to personal freedom.  If you are ready to step up and gain some Lifestyle Freedom, you can do this.   Many of the changes will reduce overwhelm, stress levels and anxiety.  You will enjoy life more.
  3. Be Authentic. Drop the mask of trying to impress, or meet the standards expected by others.  Speak your truth and find those who energise and encourage you, rather than hold you back.
  4. Simplify Your Life.   Start by giving things away.  Decrease the clutter and overwhelm in your life.  This will allow you to attract more of what you want to create a stress-free life of personal freedom.


    In Harry Browne’s book, “How I Found Freedom in an Un-Free World”  there is a fabulous exercise that cuts through many issues at the heart of seeking personal freedom. The exercise is called “Starting From Zero”.   You can read more about it at this link. The general idea is that we all have baggage that prevents us from dealing with our lives in a rational way.  So if you started from zero, with no debts, commitments, or excuses, how do you picture your life?   What would your life be like if you had total control to create how you desired.  What do you have in your life now, that you wouldn’t want in your perfect life?   Now, get rid of those things.
    Also, what would you like in your life, that you don’t have right now?   Get clarity and create a road map to get them.  Look at what you need to do. If you do this exercise, while staying true to who you are (Your values) you will discover a lot of interesting things about your life.   You will decrease the overwhelm, reduce the chaos, and create a stress-free life to enjoy.


Picture this:

Not thinking twice about purchasing an $800 outfit, or pair of shoes.

You do not worry if you have to spend $1000 or more on medical appointments and such.

Not stressing if you go into a restaurant and can’t afford the main dishes.  Looking only at a price and not purchasing what you would love to eat.

That’s the difference to me of personal freedom.   Abundant thinking.  Gratitude.   A mentor of mine once told a story of the difference between poor and wealthy people.

Wealthy people purchase the food they enjoy at restaurants and don’t consider the price.  They eat at different kinds of restaurants and appreciate the quality of food.  Poor or middle-class people who do not have personal freedom, look at the cost of the food and order based on that.

Can you relate?

When I heard this story, it struck me hard.   I had never contemplated being able to purchase what I wanted to eat.  The thought never crossed my mind.  I always was guided by my purse strings.

Changing things a little in your life will allow you to create more personal freedom, reduce overwhelm and to enjoy the life you live.

Begin today to create a stress-free life of personal freedom and enjoy everything, earning more in a day than you do in a month, turning ideas into action and so much more.  Book an Adventure Session with me and let’s find out where to start.