Over the years I have been searchng for "THE" answer to this online marketing stuff.   Ive purchased many products – and returned many.  Not because they were not good products.. but because I was a cynic..and I DIDNT KNOW WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR – or at!

Fast forward 4 years – with some mentoring from Andrea Goodsaid's Mastermind Partner Programme and introduction to some great resources, tools and trainings, I have completely changed my outlook.   I know this is doable. 

What I want for you is freedom.  A lifestyle free from negative stress and worry.  We are all entitled to live not only in a worry and stress free society – with freedom to chose and to respectfully do what we want. 

This can be acheived by you and I.  You can have the freedom

  • to work from home, or anywhere in the world
  • to automate your business,  to free up your time and work less
  • to make a difference for people all over the world

There is only one thing you need to be successful.  That "One Thing"  is different for all of us.  That is what makes it such a tricky thing to find.   I searched for a long time for the answer to that one thing for me.  

Here's some tips as to what you should look for:

                           One thing that will

                                                 keep you going – even if you achieve it

                                                 hold you back from achieving the one thing that will keep you going

                                                 help others to shift 

                                                 heal your pain

                                                open your heart

                                                create joy in your life. 


My negativity held me back – frustration, annoyance, cynicism, and a critical unbelieving attitude.   It was a journey I needed to take – however if I can shorten your journey – by sharing my experience and knowledge, that is my intention. 

Now I can see how it is possible to

  • work from my laptop wherever I am.
  • create and sell information products worldwide using the internet.
  • work from home as often as I like
  • take time (months) off work when I choose
  • be a speaker, a writer, a trainer.
  • travel – having fun with my family and friends.
  • have the great satisfaction and fulfillment of helping people.

It's a life you can have. That's all I'm saying.