How to Create An Awesome Biography…

So what’s in a biography…

It  is a summary of you….

A good biography builds your credibility and lets people get to know you.

It should be informative yet create some curiosity about you – so that people want to know you more…

A biography is used to set your position as an Expert and build your credibility.

Below I have included the recipe for a good biography.

But first, here are a couple of other things that I would suggest

You try to get across in your biography..

1.   Why you want to help your target market

TIP –    Answer ….-  I don’t want you to go through the suffering and pain I did so you can get on with your life..

2.    Why are you qualified to help in this area     what is your story..  be open, genuine and honest… you don’t have to be a “stuffed shirt”.  The more transparent you are the better – as people can get a feel for you – and whether they want to work with you.

If you have been through a tremendous amount – you are qualified – and you need to tell others that is why they should trust you.

3.    What have you overcome and where are you going.. having a future focus is important – it shows leadership…

4.    How are you going to help your clients to do this..

Make sure you repeat your qualities over and over… to show just how good you are…and to get the message across.

Be explicit in what you are an expert in…   be specific.

Say who you are and what you have done… Its not about bragging it’s about taking due for what you have done and how you will be able to serve others.  

Now that recipe for a biography is as follows:

  • Position           – ( job, title, role)
  • Personal Path  – your journey, struggle, experiences
  • Progress        – results, the solution of found, the success
  • Praise             – testimonials
  • Paying Clients  – who your clients are
  • Press/Performance  (tv, book, blog, articles,  seen on, quoted in)
  • Promotions
  • Partnerships      other people work with you
  • Philosophy        what you believe
  • Popularity          most viewed, visited, sold read…

It doesn’t have to include all those things, however the more the better…


Don’t just say..   is the founder and CEO.. blah blah.   Make it sound interesting –      Include some accomplishments… eg.. is the Author of… or  is the President of.. (if these things are related to your position…    it sets up credibility.. and develops interest..   then you go on to your Job Title.


This is your story –  how you came to be doing what you are doing… and why.    You briefly outlay the reason why you are doing what it is you are doing.  Be Transparent…


This leads on from your personal path – where you include the solutions you discovered – and this is where you are going.. and how it helps others.


Most people think Testimonials have to come from the “big wigs” – but a testimonial is a testimonial…   include 5-7 short testimonials   in your Biolgraphy.


List them, or indicate what kind of clients you have worked with 


Include any press work you have done… 

   Say   has been quoted… appeared on this tv show,  written a book, blog, articles,  etc .. you get the picture…  

PROMOTIONS –   include here any events/promotions that you may have participated in

PARTNERSHIPS    what kind of other people/organisations would work with you    include who they are if you have them.

PHILOSOPHY        what you believe, what your values are and the way you want to leave the world from your work.

POPULARITY           most viewed, visited, sold, read…  relate stories about how popular you are…  

I hope you have found these tips and information on How to Write a Biography helpful.. and if you have please feel free to like,comment and share. 

I am grateful for you.