So  finally lights are going on in my brain…  had to just change my thinking about a lot of things.. and dots started to connect.

This online marketing thing is really simple.  There are 3 approaches that I have figured out so far.. (only took cant say how many years cos its embarrassing!) – 4!!.    

It really is simple –  take what you know and share it with someone else.    If you dont know anything (which by the way is wrong – we have all had lessons to share) go learn something you want to share.

So here is online business  in a nutshell –   Connect and Share.   – thats it – jobs done!.   

Take what you know and share it with others.  Add value to the world.    Here it goes:

  • Learn/Know  something   –      Apply it      –       Write About it…   Attract Business
  • Learn/Know something          Apply it…         . Help Someone .. Write about it..  Attract Business
  • Learn/know Something     – Help someone –  by solving a problem.. (get appreciation back) – write about it…. Attract business…

The very first step – is believing that what you know is valuable to others.  Tricky one to overcome when you have low self esteem and lack confidence.  But you get there if you have a good mentor (ie Moi!!) – 

Next you just connect with people and share your valuable experiences and knowledge.    Each of these steps have a few little meaty things to do – but that is internet marketing – nothing more complicated than that.   Everyone says its easy and simple – and I spend years making it difficult.     I thought I was being conned or scammed so I spent a tonne of time – trying to find out how to go about making money like everyone else. 

So depending on where you are at – its sort of a chicken and egg kind of thing.  Share if you already know something.    If you dont know what to share – LEARN SOMETHING new..

 The second step is an individual thing…  either you know how to apply your skills and you have gotten results or you need to help others to achieve results so you can become credible.  So again depending where you are at with your life – thats the deal –    APPLY  or  TEACH.

The Third step remains the same regardless of which 2nd step you do –   WRITE ABOUT IT…. Spruik about your results, share your successes…. 

And the fourth step     just happens..   Attract Business. 

I know that I have really simplified things – but once you are in the right mindset – it is totally that simple.  

Shorten the distance between what you think you can achieve and what you will achieve – by just doing it. !