Recently I attended a workshop on Igniting your Passion.   I was particularly interested in this workshop because an interest of mine is helping people to get passionate about anything in their lives.

I believe too many people settle for how things are – and don’t aspire for more.    I say this because that was me. 

Until I was introduced to a different way of looking at things – I was totally “happy”.    I never dreamed of having more in my life = as long as the bills were paid – that was all I needed.

Well move along a bit, and that is still true.  I don’t believe I need an excessive income, however Im wearing out – I cant keep working like I have been just to keep my bills paid.   I need a way for the money to appear – without me having to work that hard.   It can be done. 

It’s a matter of changing my lifestyle – and unless I do something different – its going to be a change BACKWARDS…

A decrease in my living standard – which comparatively speaking is that high.   I don’t want to change the type of vehicle Im driving  – unless its to my dream car.

Anyway, off I trundled to a workshop on igniting my passion, all excited about learning what I had to do to get fire in my belly to change my life.   

I have discovered a desire and passion of something that I wanted to achieve – and am taking steps to fulfil this dream, but any tips I could get on getting their quicker – would be useful.

I knew the presenter, she has helped me several times so I was really excited about attending this workshop.  I knew I would be getting good value.

Well fast forward 7 hours and I left the workshop disappointed.  It took me a while to work out why.  However I did.

You see, the workshop was presented by someone I did not know – yes it was the lady I knew, – but it was presented in such a way that, it just didn’t seem like her.  In my opinion anyway.    I didn’t feel comfortable with her presentation style or the selling tactics.    I left feeling majorly disappointed and duped.   I actually was quiet upset and angry.

It was only later when I was re-iterating the events to a friend, who had indicated she would have liked to attend, but was busy on the day – that it occurred to me why I was so annoyed.

It had to do with Honesty and Congruency.

Don’t’ get me wrong, this lady is a honest, genuine, caring lady, however for me,  she lost that in her presentation.   She came across as a sales presenter.   For me, she lost that honesty, because of how she was promoting her course.     It didnt match who she was in my mind.     I guess that's the trouble when you know someone outside of their profession.   When you see them "at work" – they are different.    If you attended the course, it wouldn’t be the big theatre production that she did this presentation with.  It would be a genuine down to earth useful workshop. 

I am grateful I attended this day out, because I have also gone to similar events, but on much larger scales and left wondering why the heck I persist in going when I always leave feeling like they are scams.

Now I know – its because my perception is that,  the people who present the sales pitches are not congruent with the people who will be running the courses.   Probably the person promoting the opportunity will be the person presenting the material.. but if it doesnt feel congruent, honest – REAL to you… you wont follow through.  You need to feel comfortable with what you are doing.   If you are involved with the right people – there will be nothing holding you back. 

To that end – I have discovered some awesome people, who I feel safe and confident about their message. That's why I am willing and excited to share this opportunity with you.  Even without knowing the people behind Empower Network personally, I feel they are honest and congruent, that they are genuine about what they wish to acheive and the help they want to give others.  I know that with their knowledge and assistance,  I will be successful if I pursue (and I am) their trainings  because they are congruent in all aspects of their lives.  At least with what they show online – in their videos and their writings.. Yet, for some reason I feel it would carry through to their whole lives. 

So bottom line, – before you sign up for any courses, make sure you are in alignment with the presenters, the producer or at the very least the product.  That’s what keeps you motivated and your passion flowing to achieve an outcome.   


When you are looking for an opportunity –  know what you want.   Explore what you feel comfortable with.  Look past the outcome, look at the people you will be involved with – do they match your idea of trust, honesty, congruent and REAL. 

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Live Passionately,  Dream BIG,  Enjoy Life.  


PS – heres a blog I wrote about why I am so totally into Empower Network...  it'll explain everything.