Having low self confidence and no self esteem can be the most debilitating circumstance.  Why – because it holds you back from trying anything new.

Stepping out of your comfort zone will boost self confidence like nothing else.   For many of us, low self esteem has been “drummed” into us – either consciously or unconsciously.  For whatever reason we have been conditioned to believe that we are not worthy of success, wealth, good luck, love – anything that we seem to miss out on.  So how do you gain self confidence?  What steps can be taken to develop self confidence.

Changing your own self image is the hardest, yet most rewarding action you can take.   Stepping out of what is familiar and crossing new frontiers increases your ability to tackle new tasks.  Not to mention helping gain self confidence,  over coming shyness and eliminating the feeling of no confidence.

Yet if you believe that you will not succeed at a particular venture – the likelihood of you trying it is slim.   Why would you attempt something that you will only end up embarrassed about.


Are there any new activities you can tackle that will improve confidence yet not leave you feeling embarrassed or like a failure.    The answer is yes!!  –

Why not try a Glamour Photography Makeover.

This is something that you do in private – just you and the glamour photographer.  No one ever see the results, unless you choose to share (which I guarantee you will want to do.)

Here are 8 reasons why you should try a glamour photography shoot.

  • They are totally so much fun.
  • You get to see yourself from a different perspective, which in turn improves your self esteem.
  • You get a lasting memory.
  • You can push yourself out of your comfort zone.
  • You can learn about a new industry and how to strike glamour poses.
  • You meet some top fun loving professional people.
  • You have something to talk about to your friends.
  • In aids with increasing self confidence

Recently I was fortunate enough to have won a glamour photography makeover.  I recommend to everyone to do this at least once (preferably more) in your life.   It is the most fun and such a rewarding experience. To see yourself transformed from ordinary to exceptional is inspiring and uplifting.  It is amazing how something so simple can boost confidence and improve confidence so quickly and easily.   You can go from no confidence to more confidence in a matter of hours.

You are actually coached in how to strike glamour poses to look your best.  It is fun fun fun and you let go of your shyness.  It beats any confidence building courses you could attend.


A glamour makeover is performed by a specialist glamour photographer and a qualified makeup artist.

The makeup artist uses similar makeup to that used by television and movie make up people.  That is they tend to mix and match or blend colours to get an exact match to your skin colour, rather than just using a generic colour – like “ivory” or “dark tan”.    This blending applies to foundations, blushes and lipsticks.   So your makeup is unique to you.  It is designed specifically to suit your personal colours and to work with the clothes you wear.

The glamour photographers are awesome.  Well they were in my situation.  Each one was a specialist in their own way (had to be to make me look stunning !!).  They don’t just “take photos”.  They work at making you look your best – they know the best glamour poses to use to fit your body shape, the right lighting to use (dark and hazy – just jokes!)  to get you looking your best.    They match the backgrounds to your outfits and to bring out your best features.  On top of all this – they are experts at making you feel relaxed, awesome and like a professional model whilst they take your pictures.

I have a friend  who loves taking photos.  He actually takes really good photos, by going to great pains (for the model) – to get you standing at the right angle, with your head turned this way and smiling etc.  The trouble is by the time he has you posed right – your have a scowl or a pout with the words – “just get it over with” on your face.

Professional photographers – do all the above – and get you to laugh, relax and enjoy yourself.  No disrespect to my friend, his photos were tops – but  it takes an hour (or so it seems) to get one good photo.   In an hour with a professional photographer you get around 200 shots taken – with at least 50-80 looking exceptional and the rest just amazing.


I had THE most fun…  each photographer was exceptional at making me feel special and like I had done this a tonne of times before.  Actually by shoot number 3, I had it pretty down pat. Doing more than one glamour shoot, helped build self confidence to a level no confidence building courses could in such a short timeframe.    Each glamour photographer teaches you something new – I learned to stand up straight, keep my chin up but not out – not sure what this did, but it must of served a purpose otherwise she wouldn’t have kept reminding me to do it.   I think it just took some of the wrinkles out of my face .  The good thing is – in the photos I didn’t come out looking like a long necked turkey – so it must serve some purpose.

I had to be conscious of smiling, smiling smiling – and not doing the cats backside thing – you know pout – which I occasionally slipped into when I was trying to do a “serious” or “sexy”  look. Eventually I gave up on those looks because I just couldn’t not smile.   I ended up settling for some – not so big smiles.

There is really more to this modelling thing than being pretty.  Try sitting with your back against a wall with your leg twisted out to some weird angle – just to get your back to arch a particular way so the shoot looks good. Oh and don’t forget to smile and look seductive, even though you are as uncomfortable as hell.  Dont forget to tilt your head to just the right angle to get the best look.      Hard work sort of  – but tonnes of fun and well worth it.  The photo results were amazing.  It is difficult to believe that you can look that good.. and with minimal photoshopping too.  It is really a great self esteem boost.


The whole idea of a glamour makeover is to treat yourself to something special.   Its a memory you and only you can have.   It could take you out of your comfort zone.  Try something totally not in your repertoire – like lingerie shots – or naked even.  These shots are just between you and the glamour photographer – and if you take one home, its up to you who you share it with.


When attending a glamour makeover note the following..


In my experience, you take your favourite clothes, jewellery and any special accessories (a rose)  for the shoot.  The photographers can and may have some scarves or jewellery that you can accessorise with.  Some photographers will help you with putting your outfits together.   Some go with what you have chosen.  It is up to you to ask for their advice – and not be offended if they say a particular colour, style etc may not look good in a photo.

Photoshopping –is a great tool for enhancing your looks.   Consider if you want/need to have blemishes or wrinkles removed.  Then discuss this with your provider.   It can take years off your looks – if your mature like I am. Alternatively, if you like your wrinkles, or worked hard to get a particular look – be proud of it and don’t photoshop it.    Its totally your choice.

Glamour Poses

The photographer is experienced and will have an array of personally preferred poses or scenes that they use.  However, if you have something in mind (like hanging upside down from a chandelier) – you can bet your boots (if you wear them) – that the photographer would be up for doing something different.      They are creative people and love to explore opportunities, however maintain their professionalism by not suggesting anything too outlandish.  That’s your job – and don’t hold back,  I bet you won’t shock them.  Besides what’s the worst that could happen – they’ll say no cant do that.


So – really ring today and make the appointment.   Check out the websites of a few different places to see what scenes and poses they use.  Get a feel for the looks they create.  What resonates with you the most.  Talk to them about cost – what do you get for what.

At the end of the day – do something totally different for yourself to improve your confidence and to have a new experience.   It is so well worth the time, effort and nerves.  It is better than any confidence training as you feel the results as you are doing the glamour shot.

You will keep looking at the photos and say – “thats not me – it cant be”.  Then because you have seen your potential – you change your attitude and image – and become what you see in the photo…  amazing, awesome, beautiful, confident… camera’s dont lie…    Honestly   Give it a Go…