OK, so is your work something you do because you HAVE to or WANT to?

The world is getting smaller – you may have not noticed this because you are too busy doing all the things you have to do to survive. – You know – sleep, get up, go to work, sleep, get up go to work.. ohh and throw in some bill paying.

So if your life revolves around that place you go each day to do whatever it is you love to do…. (oops that’s me,not you) – whatever it is you have to do to survive.. Listen up.

A job is where you exchange your time for an hourly payment.

What is the tradeoff to have a job – what do you lose out on.. to gain an hourly payment?

It can be doing something that you enjoy, or more likely is something that you are capable of doing, but may not necessarily enjoy. A job lasts as long as you and your employer determine. This is decided by the effect of the economy on your employers business and often by you attaining key performance measures to the standard your employer requires.

Some jobs allow you to progress further up the ladder of “success”, but inevitably they do require you to take on more responsibility, and perform more duties. All this in exchange for a little more hourly rate. Does your output much your hourly rate.
Does your take home pay inspire you?

A Job can spell security – though in this day and age, I would debate that. As the economic situation fluctuates, so to does your job security.

We live in an abundant world, yet it does not appear to be reflected in the employment situation.

Some people trade freedom – or flexibility for security. This gives the sense that each week, regardless of how much satisfaction you receive, or how much output you do – you receive a payment – which allows you to have a certain standard of living. Or does it? – Are you Just Over Broke – struggling to keep up the repayments and not actually having any fun.

That was my story anyway – and I was happy there – until I discovered that there is a lot more to life than working all day, just to work more on weekends doing all the things you don’t have time to do through the week.

There are a fortunate few who manage to juggle working with having a life – going on holidays, having fun active weekends, entertaining, partying.. but at what cost. Does their credit card cop a hiding – and then the rest of the time is spent cutting back in order to pay the debt off.

A JOB – keeps you at work, you may be fortunate to have a position that allows you some autonomy – where you can plan your work day, without supervision, but at the end of the day – there is always someone telling you what to do.


Are you doing what you truly enjoy? Do you wake up and bound out of bed to rush to work.. or do you just get up and do what you have to, to get through the day.

We all go to work day in day out and for the most part feel secure about what we do, but how safe is your job? Are you totally secure in the knowledge that your job, company or role will last forever – or at least as long as you need it to to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams. Oh wait.. that is forever.

Are you content and able to express yourself creatively in your Job? Even though you work a traditional job – you should still make it your own. After all if you do treat your job, like you are self employed chances are you will become more valuable to your employer and you will enjoy what you do more.

A CAREER on the other hand takes a while to establish, involves dedication and commitment – and the knowledge that it is exactly what you want to do. I believe you either fall into a career – or are guided there by circumstances.

By falling into a career – I mean, you get a JOB and it turns out that you really enjoy it and are passionate about it. You are stimulated by what you do and just cant learn enough. You dedicate yourself to study to learn all you can to improve your employment prospects and career. Over time you become interested and knowledgable about your topic and because of this work knowledge, you become more valuable to your employer, sometimes resulting in an increased hourly rate.

This allows you more autonomy, but comes with more responsibility and commitment. Yet what does a career cost – what is the trade off here – to achieve no more freedom?

Or possibly some freedom because your career allows you to start your own business… but at what cost. Sleepless nights, relationship risks, health risks?

As a consultant or business owner, you should be able to work your own hours, and generally you can. However to earn a living, and to cover the costs of owning a business – the time you have to spend with family or having fun may possibly decrease as you have to work longer to earn more or an hourly rate.

A career usually entails formal education. It improves your ability to earn more in a salaried job, but it does not affect your chances of real financial independence.

A CALLING – is that thing you do when you don’t even get paid. What I hear you say – who does this. Well, like you I didn’t think it existed and that only crazy people would do something they didn’t get paid to do.

Yet when you look around with fresh eyes, change the way you think – you see examples of people following callings every day. Some callings may be extraordinary, others just day to day. Yet everywhere you look there are people following callings.

Mothers are a perfect example.. stay at home mums, who dedicate their time and energy to being their for their children.. are following a calling to be a good mum.

Years ago to be a nurse – it was a calling.. only a certain kind of compassionate, dedicated person would want to work with sick people. The characteristics are still true – you would not be a nurse unless you where compassionate and dedicated to helping others.. yet in todays world.. would people do it just because they love it.

There are business people out there who have such big visions and passions that they
risk all and everything just to create their vision. The result was financial independence. That’s a calling.

I believe we all have a greater purpose and a hidden calling. Yet as we get bogged down in “life” – that is – doing the things you have to do to survive, our calling gets put on the back burner. It’s the thing that you dream of doing – when you get time, when you retire, when you win lotto.

There is another way I am discovering.

The world is getting smaller.. no longer is it necessary to attend an office just to work. Bosses are becoming more trusting (some anyway) – and are creating flexijobs or telecommuting jobs.

This allows for employees to work longer hours if they choose – from home.. There is no longer that commute to work – with time wasted travelling or preparing for work. You get up, in your pajamas and be comfortable and productive because they can work when they wish.. not when they are dictated to.

Along with telecommuting – the world is getting smaller because you can outsource your work to anywhere in the world. You can live in Australia, yet provide services to people across the country… It works.

Then there is this thing called residual income… the concept that over time, with an established network – you can be earning income without doing the work yourself.

Now I don’t know about you – but that sounds like my way of earning a living.
Imagine that – a way to do what you love, where you want and still have time to do the other things you love. Sounds a dream.. but it does exist.

The question is – are you happy and secure with your job or business. Is it providing the freedom and lifestyle you deserve and desire. If you wait until you can afford to do those things you want – travel, invest, have fun.. maybe you’ll be dead.

So whats it to be – a Just Over Broke (job), a Career, Your Own Business, or take the plunge – follow your Calling – do that thing that you love doing… and get paid.

Apparently, its possible – and when you start to look, you can find people who do this all the time. Did you know you can get paid for what you know? People want and need others to share their life’s lessons – but that’s a whole different topic.

Next time your running late for a deadline, or all out of holidays and wanting a break… remember – there is a way to escape.

WORK for yourself – can look different. It doesn’t have to mean long hours away from your family or loved ones. You can achieve balance – and financial success.

What frustrates you about your current situation? Are you prepared to take the next step and move away from what you know into the unknown? Even if you fear giving up what you currently know – at least consider looking into other options – that is the safe way to explore.

Transitioning from one world to another – the unknown – pushes us out of our comfort zones.. yet are you so comfortable in your current job, career or calling that you would risk not even considering other options..