When making a shift or transitioning to something new, it is always a good place to start by having a benchmark or baseline.
The benchmark allows you to gauge when you have accomplished the shift you desire.
When life is flowing and stable (which seems like a contradiction) you know you are in a great space, of having enough time, energy, and focus.

There is no right or wrong level of joy for anyone to have in their lives.  There is always room for more happiness, fun, and laughter in our lives.  The trick is finding the time to include it, especially if it means you have to take time out of what you are doing to “fit fun in”.  My goal is to help you enjoy your work.

Watch the video below for an explanation of why Joy and fun are important to your career, then complete the Joy Intensity Level quiz to get the baseline for you to measure from.

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Understanding your Joy Intensity and Enjoyment levels sets the scene for what’s to come. It’s like painting in the background colours first.
I did a messy art picture once, you mix the colours you want in layers in a cup and then pour it over the canvas. Whilst enjoyable, I had no idea how it would turn out, and still to this day every time I look at it I’m not sure I even like the finished product.

Life, particularly the joy and fun aspects can turn out messy if you don’t know what colours you want to blend.  If you aren’t sure how much fun, laughter, joy and freedom you desire, or have in your work and life, how do you know how much more you can fit in?

Fun sets the foundation for everything you do. If you have ever known anyone with no joy in their life, you will understand how depressing, boring, or uninteresting life is.

I believe if you do not love and enjoy the work you do, you are just showing up and not being present, not giving your best, not reaching your potential or not receiving the benefits of working and living.

The thing about work is that we get to a certain point, a pay level or identity level that can keep us stuck.

Making changes becomes difficult because you either have to increase or decrease your investment in your job and if you aren’t happy – you stagnate.

So understanding your joy intensity and enjoyment levels will help you determine why, when and how you work.

Loving your job impacts your health because if you aren’t happy you are miserable – and that affects everyone and opportunities coming your way.


You may work because it gives you a sense of contribution and belonging in the world.

You might work so you can save to travel and have new experiences.

If you want to enjoy family, you need to know how much time and energy you wish to invest in that – and worrying whether you can afford things is stressful. Worry certainly takes the enjoyment out of your career.

You might work to reach a particular goal – owning a house, a car, investments, and such.

Work affects your relationships – if you are a workaholic – love suffers.

So many reasons to work, yet if you don’t have the balance between work and play – you end up spending your life focused on your job or career and miss everything else.

Most people see work as a place to go and a thing to do, so they can have fun on the weekends. We are taught this from a young age.

People spend time rushing through life – working to pay off debts and own everything so they can relax at the end of life, or they spend time – avoiding work – so they can enjoy life – (on little income).

Now, it’s not about deciding whether you enjoy work or not. WE know the answer to that, you wouldn’t be here otherwise.

What I’m asking you to think about – is – what is about the job that you enjoy?


What aspects of it do you find yourself getting immersed in, that you wish you had more time to do.

If you can’t find anything that you enjoy – look for the things you don’t enjoy.

That will give you a list of things to avoid in a career change. At the very least a list of things you don’t enjoy will give you awareness of how to structure your work so that those things are not the main things.

If you had more time, energy, or money in your life, what would you spend it doing? –
What brings you the most joy?   When does your heart sing?
Make time in your life for that.

Now, while we craft out a way to balance out life and transition to something new, you can begin to implement ways to bring in more joy – that will be there after you start afresh on a new path.

Click here to evaluate your Joy Intensity Level, and if you would like to increase it there is an activity and a quiz you may like to do.


Complete the  Enjoyment Quiz by clicking here.

Practice the   GLAD Technique – included in the Joy Intensity Level document.

Also here’s a bonus 101 Fun Things To Do In One Day.

Now, if you have any questions or queries or thoughts, don’t forget to reach out to me to discuss them.

Once you’ve completed this, and began to implement more joy in your life – we can start on the next step of the journey.