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Understanding the Power of Joyful Gratitude changes your perspective on appreciation, joy, positivity and being grateful. Show gratitude to change your life

Joyful Gratitude is a blog sharing not only my thoughts on Gratitude, but also the Science behind Gratitude and how it can change your life.

GratitudeJoyful Gratitude is the first of a 3 step process I have designed to doing life differently…

Many people tell you to be grateful and there are studies on the effect of gratitude on your health.  In fact they even discuss the repercussions of gratitude and can give you ways to show gratitude.

 The Benefits of Gratitude – apart from allowing you to Do Life Differently, are limitless.

The Physical Benefits of Gratitude  – can be – feeling more energetic, feeling less stressed, more relaxed, more present.   Focusing on one’s blessings can boost your well being and give a brighter outlook on life.

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