Keep Your New Years Resolution With These 3 Tips.

Keep your new years resolutions by understanding why you make them. Then knowing what causes you to give up, or quit will help you succeed and keep on track.

Is it because we want to do something differently, to change something about yourself or your life?    Or is it just the ‘done thing’ that people do at the start of the New Year?

Never mind Why you made it, a better question is  “Will You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution?”

Your resolution is made – you are certain it’s the right one and you are filled with hope and conviction.   This is the year you will follow through. Right?

Well, here are 3 reasons why you get excited about New Years Resolutions and 3 reasons why you may even not keep your new years resolution, plus a solution to help you ensure you don’t quit.

3 Reasons Why You Make & Intend to Keep Your New Years Resolution.

Every year we aspire to great things and we seek to improve our lives.  If you are like me, you may fail miserably.  3 days in and it’s all over red rover.   So I set about to figure our Why Do I Not Keep Your New Years Resolution?

Turns out is has a lot to do with WILLPOWER or rather lack of.   It’s all a mind thing, and about being aware and shifting your energy  so you can keep your New Years Resolution. Understand these 3 important tips about why we make New Years Resolutions and you’ll be sure to keep them.

  1. Change Creates Hope.   – the bigger the goal, the bigger the burst of hope. Imagining life being different, creates a shiny bright star at the end of a tunnel. That gives you Hope and something to work toward.
  2. Deciding to do something about a situation can make you feel more determined, stronger and in control of your life , as well as more powerful. Of course there is a difference between deciding and doing..
  3. The PROMISE of change, like the promise of reward or relief inspires us.
    The thought of something better is enough to inspire us and uplift us.  A promise releases dopamine and sets the mind on target to make the change, to inspire you to keep your New Years Resolution  – by creating stress and anxiety, so you take action.Trouble is the stress and anxiety distract us from what our true goal is and we feel the need for instant relief from the pain.   This distraction, the anxiety and stress that is designed to help you keep your New Years Resolution, in fact will make you not keep it.   Simply because you will go do the easiest thing, that brings you the quickest reward.

So next time you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious about that goal you set, remember, it’s just your mind playing tricks on you – trying to convince you that you’ll feel just as good by not keeping your resolution, and by giving in to temptation.  Please don’t!

Remember to focus on the long term goal, the thing you really want, not on giving in to temptation and quick fixes.

3 Reasons Why You May Not Keep Your New Years Resolution.

Now, it’s all well and good to have a burning desire  and good intentions to accomplish our resolutions, but why then, do we fail… or give in…. or quit.   Well, again, as you know, it’s all in your head.  Here’s 3 reasons why you may fail…

  1. Set Backs
    We view set backs as the end of the world and feeling bad leads to giving in. So you skipped a day or gave in to temptation. The reason for that has to do with how your brain works and I talk about that in another blog… for today though, Relax.
    A setback is not proof you won’t succeed – unless you tell yourself it is a reason to quit.
    If you want to stop doing your resolution and fail – it’s ok – use the set back as the excuse for that. Or make a different decision, again it’s your choice.
  2. Guilt & Self Criticism
    My guess is if you do have a lapse, you will beat yourself up better than Mick Tyson or Mohammed Ali ever could do.  Notice how you feel when you think you’ve failed and be mindful of your feelings straight after or during the lapse.   Then think of what you would say to a friend should they give in.   Would you be as harsh on them as you are on yourself?     No, I didn’t think so, you are a good friend.
    Self forgiveness is the key to continuing your goal, and we aren’t so kind to ourselves are you?.  When you take away the guilt and self criticism of the set back or lapse, you can reflect on what happened and change things up.     Having no guilt or self criticism makes it easer to resist the temptation to give in and you then create a bigger meaning to accomplish the resolution.  After all, you are only human, and we make mistakes, we falter. Get back up on the horse that threw you and ride on, my friend. Realise what tripped you up and keep running.
  3. Unreasonable Commitments.
    So you have this great big resolution that seems fantastic.  You truly want it, as it means the world to you.   Completing this will make all the difference to your life.  You can see the big picture and feel the difference.   It’s a big goal.    Yet, once we get started and realise it is a big dream, we start feeling bad and that leads to quitting and giving in.   It works like this,   –  stress – creates cravings – which increases temptation and a desire for relief or a reward.   So we seek out comfort coping (food, alcohol, shopping – insert your preferred distraction here) – we take the easy road –  and then we beat up on ourselves and give in because we set the bar too high.

The good thing about stress, guilt and anxiety is that it can create the desire to make the change.

Why am I sharing this… because where we let ourselves down is that we set our goals so far out that they seem impossible to achieve. Just make the first goal, your resolution – something that is easy to step into.

Yes you want to achieve something amazing and wonderful in your life, but you won’t do it if you focus on that end result (the time to focus on the end result is in the moments you don’t even want to do the steps to make the change – use the end result for motivation). However, in the first instance – it’s the first small step you have to take that will get you started.

Once you stick to your resolution, – you may even notice that other changes occur automatically.   Like, that one less meal – means you had $15 extra in your pay packet.  All 7 areas of your life seem to come into balance when you show integrity, accountability and responsibility and keep your New Years resolution.

But if you feel yourself slipping and unable to keep your New Years Resoloution… here’s THE SOLUTION…

3 Ways to Keep Your New Years Resolution

In order to ensure that you don’t give up, you don’t fail and you don’t beat up on yourself for not completing yet another New Years Resolution, here are 3 ways to Succeed.   Choose one, do them all, it’s up to you.

  1. Forgive yourself.
    Disregard the past, let it be. Forgive yourself for whatever you did or did not do. You were younger, dumber, less interested – whatever then.   No you are more determined, wiser and you have a bigger reason to accomplish your dreams.   Just start by going easy on yourself, know that you have possibly failed in the past, forgive yourself for that and resolve to do something different this time.
  2. Make A Simple Plan
    Keep going and notice the little changes.  Get a coach, (who has activities you can do to ensure that even at your worst moments, you will continue) they will be on your side and remind you to forgive yourself now and in the future.
    Notice the improvements in other areas – and you’ll stick to your goal more.  For example, if you give up eating junk food, shopping for relief, or smoking… notice how much healthier, richer or happier you feel without those things but with the money you save.
  3. Resolve to Feel Good
    Enjoy the journey, rather than focusing on the end result.   After all, you are living a life and not striving for a one off event that wont impact on the rest of your days.   Feel good about the little wins and the face that you started.   Find the positives, even when their only seems to be negatives.  Sometimes you may need more than one go, or you may need someone to keep you on track.

CONCLUSION.. Each New Year isn’t really a chance to start over. Counting out the sh!tty year to bring in something better doesn’t always work. Believing the next year will be different when we aren’t prepared to change anything or follow through on your resolutions isn’t going to create the change you seek.   It’s the action taking, that creates the results.

The First Step – get a coach and mentor. Just face it, you can’t and won’t do it alone.   Whether your coach is a friend or a paid trainer – it won’t happen until you have someone there who is willing to step up and make you accountable in a positive way.   Not someone else to bag you out and make you feel bad. You’ll not doubt do that to yourself, but someone who is on your side – ready to get you where you want to go.

In years gone by, that person would have been your family or spouse, but these days, it’s too much pressure to ask them, they have to deal with their own issues so getting a dedicated mentor and guide is the only solution.   If achieving your resolution is worth something to you – then the cost of the coach won’t be that much.

There are coaches out there within your price range.. those who will do it for nothing (who most likely provide a lot of information that you won’t value anyway) to those who are reasonably priced (they’ve usually had success somewhere in the past) to those who are remarkably priced( they’ve had success with people who are successful themselves – no name dropping here).

So take the first step to Keeping Your New Year’s resolution contact me to book a Discovery Session, so we can work out a plan for your next steps.

Chat soon…   be awesome, enjoy every day and live life.

Also, don’t just make a resolution in only one area of your life… set them in all 7 areas.   And don’t just make resolutions at New Years Eve – they are things you can do all year round.

So to sum up, Keep Your New Years Resolutions this year, and any goals or resolutions you make, now and all year round by following these 3 Tips.



Keep Your New Years Resolution