Lately – being successful has been on my mind.              What does it means to be successful?        Why have I eluded it and what do I intend to do to achieve it?  

For a long time I thought Success – was something huge, awesome – life changing – world beating.   You know you invented a new “thing”, you climbed a mountain on your hands and knees, you discovered a cure for a life threatening disease.    Big things that impacted on the world.

I never considered myself successful.


I thought that all the things I have achieved in my life were not successes.  In my world – pretty much everyone was tehe same – same circumstances, same situations,  – separated, divorced or a single parent, bringing up children,  working like me, 2 jobs,  everyone went to university, everyone skimped and saved – or was in a truck load of debt  .. everyone did what they had to do to survive.

So what’s the great achievement in all that?

The point I missed was that each and everyone of those “things” is a great achievement in itself.    The fact that I managed without too much alcohol, or medication – is a big achievement.   You’d know what I mean if you have lived in a house with young boys!

Yet I didn’t realise that until just recently when I began to study success.   


         This is an age old concept – that life is in levels:-  

                              *   success at the top rung,

                              *    unsuccessful on the bottom, and

                              *    life on the rungs in between.

We are all clambering to the top – aren’t you?

The theory is that leaders emerge- as higher authorities and are followed.  They are the ones that create the status quo and how things are done.  

Apparently, there is always a dominant party – one that is prepared to take the responsibility for things.

The best description of the ladder of success is shown in a business environment:

  • Owner or CEO sits at the top – with all the responsibility and all the freedom and niceties of life. 
  •  Managers
  •  Middle Management
  • Supervisors
  • Co-ordinators
  • Workers

Give or take a layer – the bottom line is some are struggling to work their way up the rungs to a better position. Which usually only occurs when someone leaves or more likely – died. 

Therefore most of us settle somewhere at the bottom.. or are stuck in the middle – occasionally taking one step up only to be dragged back down again by circumstances.

As you grow you move up the ladder – leaving room for others to move up also.  The higher up the ladder you go, you could say the air changes – the view gets better and opportunities seem to present themselves.  

Synergy happens, and events occur faster because there are less of you up there.   Hence the gap widens between success and less success.

If you fall down, or are pulled down, it becomes a struggle to move.  Everyone is vying for the next rung on the ladder, people d

o not offer as much aid or assistance as they could.  It’s survival of the fittest down here!

 Culture determines where you sit on the ladder.. some are born into success, others not.   Apparently!


I see things differently.


I see life more like a lattice work.  You don’t advance up or fall back down.  You can move in any direction – in order 

to create the life you desire.   At any point in time you are equal to others – neither above nor below – because all are on their own path.

Rarely in this day and age, do we progress “straight to the top”.  Even if we are at the top – in order to advance there is always some form of

sidestepping – it could be:      

·      back to university,

·      a different company – the competition,

·      a different industry – whatever you have to do to gain the skills, experience and knowledge required to get to the point you seek to be at.

Even in life – you are healthy, you may “fall” and suffer ill health for a while – a broken toe, depression, the flu..each a move along the lattice of life.   

Rich people can lose everything with bad choices, poor can lose everything with bad choices.  Based on your ability to learn, grow

and share knowledge – you move along the lattice of life to your destination. 

Actually its probably more like a game of snakes and ladders – you know, move forward 10 steps just to slide down a snake.  It all depends on the opportunities that you take advantage of along the way as to which direction you chose to climb.

At any given point in time, you may be at a crossroads, with others – who can continue to climb with you, or follow their own path.   There is no competition – only equality.

Network marketing is like a lattice.  You are responsible for yor progress – yet others help you to move along – by highlighting the path to follow, or referring others to your path.  As you grow and move in the direction of your choice – the path clears for others to follow.

While you and I are at this crossroads on my lattice of life – look into this path to follow that will empower you in your life.

Everyone has the opportunity to climb to success – this way though, you have a choice as to the path you follow to get there.   It isn’t straight up – you go where you are comfortable, seeking out the right group of people to encourage and guide you.  (That’s a mastermind by the way!)

Just like in snakes and ladders, when you get stuck on a snake you have to roll a 6 to move forward – you can sit for a while. That’s life telling you to take time out… click this link to find out how to have a great adventure holiday while you are stuck waiting to roll a 6.

The ladder of life you have to climb on your own.    At those that reach the top can lend a hand to get up with them. 


We all have an obligation to move along the lattice of life.  Stagnating is not healthy!!

On the lattice of life you can be all Entreprenuer, Consumer or Employee at any one point in time.  You can move from one spot to another freely and with ease – there is no discredit for slipping across the lattice.  Unlike sliding down the ladder.

When everyone works together toward a combined goal assisting each other to achieve success – and move up the lattice – everyone benefits – we all grow – we are all successful.

Click this link for the best example of people working together in a lattice of success to grow their lives – businesses and wealth.     SUCCESS – is here