Are you living an inspired life?   Do you feel Inspired? Are you being authentic?  Are you living a lie? Are You Loving Yourself?

Somewhere along the way, we get lost.  We are born with a purpose, yet as we “grow” – we lose touch with our divine purpose.  You may even stop loving yourself, yet everything is perfect – everything comes in on time, perfectly.

It’s easy to get lost in life.   Especially for women.   Somewhere along the way, we put aside ourselves – and give to others.  We are taught what we “should” do, what we “need” to do, “what people expect”.

I never had a dream growing up, I didn’t know what I wanted to do.  Yet, I was taught that I should grow up, get married and have kids.  That’s what my mother had done, so it was what I probably should do.

I got married, and thought the most beautiful thing I could do was give this man a child. So we began to try for a family.   Eventually, a baby came, and life got topsy turvy.  Things didnt go like I had pictured.. and we ended up separated.

Along the way, it was easy to lose your identity,  first you became “a wife” – “Mrs …”  then after our son came along and grew, you turn into “Luke’s mum, Matt’s mum”.. which was all awesome, but you still lose who you are.

We make “plans” – for prosperity, abundance, health and relationships.   We become attached to what we have, who we are, – we control things, is everything on track – when you are attached to things – when they go away – you lose who you are.

What would you do with yourself if you weren’t interfering?

Eventually, my marriage failed, and the separation failed to – it was hard.  I was lost. 

That’s what happens when life is not fulfilled, when its all about “who you are”, “what you have” – success and being perfect, or being “someone”  is the most important thing.  When you are attached to an outcome, and that outcome doesn’t go as planned – we lose who we are.   We have to begin again to find ourselves.

So we go back to the same pattern, – trying to find happiness in what we have, what we have done.  Looking elsewhere for distractions to fulfill us.

In the movie “The Shift” Dr Wayne Dyer speaks about finding your purpose in life, and the way to do that is to get back to nature, what’s inside of you.

When we are conceived, we are perfect.   We need nothing, everything is provided for. You have nothing to worry about.

Everything that you are to be – is already there… yet, once we are born, we are surrounded by well meaning advice on “what to do”. We are told that we cannot trust in who we are. We stop loving ourselves silly.

We have to trust in things outside of ourselves.  We forget to love yourself and believe in yourself.

As we “evolve” we become this being that is full of EGO. We are conditioned – to believe that who we are is defined by what we have, what we do, and then we become consumed with keeping what we have, how do we make more as this is how we identify ourselves.
We begin to believe that the more we have the more valuable we are as people.

Over time we forget “who” we are – everything that you were to be, not just the physical being but everything inside of you is lost, all you are to be – is lost.

The trouble is, that when or if you lose what you have – you no longer know who you are.  My value as a human being was based on achievement, this opens up an idea, that my success, my value, my worth is about progressing – being better, competing – or comparing.

When my marriage failed, I did not know who I was, as my children grew and left home, again I was lost, then in a new relationship, I became “Rod’s partner” – that was awesome, until once again – it stopped and I was lost – yet again.  That’s when I decided to love yourself, silly.

Then we are taught “I am what other people think of me”. Its about our reputation – our role –   this is particularly relevant for young people who are taught we have to fit in, do what others do…that if other people don’t like you, then there is something wrong with you – consumed with that then you will be something different every time you turn around…

Women are taught that your fulfillment comes from your family, – how you relate to them, as a daughter, mother, all important aspects of life – however our calling is put aside,   You came here to create something powerful.. you have just as much of a right to do that, as to be a mother, daughter, whatever.

All this time, I thought I was doing something for me, yet I was doing what I was conditioned to do… and now because I’m doing life differently, I am doing what I is my passion, my calling – to help other women become more complete – to help you Love Yourself Silly.
Come join me and learn how to Love Yourself Silly.