Meet Merna
Hi, I’m Merna Dwyer, founder of Doing Life Differently and creator of my lifestyle.

Live the Life You WantMerna has worked with women transitioning to different lifestyles. Guiding them to swap feeling emotionally exhausted for exhilarated, mentally drained for stimulated, and physically depleted for energised to enjoy living life on your terms – living the life you want.

I work with professionals seeking to Do Life Differently. If you want to live the life you want with more direction, energy and intention, this is for you.  Feeling stuck, lost, confused and seeking to create changes or if a change has unexpectedly been thrust upon you,  I teach how to intentionally integrate ideas and easy changes always without risk, chaos and overwhelm.

If you are unsure what’s next, as a Flow & Transition Coach, I  mentor you to Live the Life You Want, Enjoy Life on Your Terms.

Merna aims to guide you through creating an intentional stress-free life filled with direction, intention and energy.

If you want to transition to a different life, you are in the right place. I am here to help you discover what you need.

DOING LIFE DIFFERENTLY looks at life from a new lens and different perspective to create a stress-free life, enjoy work more, provide value to the world, live life on your terms, serving from a joyful, happy place. You will find direction and enthusiasm and be more intentional.

You can shift from that stuck space or place that may have felt unrewarding, unsatisfying, and left you not fulfilled.

If you seek to transition, make changes, and go beyond feeling overwhelmed, stressed and paralysed with fear and uncertainty, worried about the future and stuck for ideas, speak with Merna.


If you need more laughter, enthusiasm, energy, joy, simplicity, ease, relaxation, and fulfilment in your life we will complete a life edit together, look at life differently and complete a redesign to live on your terms, with direction, enthusiasm and intention and create a stress-free lifestyle, restructure your career, and enjoy everything every day.

If you feel like time is passing too quickly click here to Chat now with a free Adventure Session to see Merna is a match for you.

As a transformational guide who consults with you to take you on a journey from where you are now to where you want to be, Merna’s unique strategies will help you find clarity, enthusiasm and direction.


☼Attitude Shifter ☼Capacity Developer ☼Complexity Manager ☼Potential Enhancer ☼Perspective Expander ☼Awareness Creator ☼Lifestyle Re-designer

Merna is a creative resilience life coach and problem solver, specialising in transition and intentional integration of easy changes to make life simpler and more fulfilling. She helps you discover how to reduce stress, decrease overwhelm and enjoy your life.

Armed with my life experience, personal lessons, knowledge, and skills observed and researched, I began to reassess, rediscover and redesign my life. Now, I have a flow method and system to guide you through a lifestyle redesign.

Merna has been an employee and a boss, a single woman, a wife, a friend, a partner, a mother, an ex, the other woman, a divorcee, a coordinator, a student, a daughter, a sister, an investor, a confidant, a coach, a mentor, a trainer, an advice giver, a listener, a problem solver, a problem, a club president, a world traveller, a volunteer, unemployed, lost, yet most importantly a survivor of a menagerie of conflicting emotions to move forward and succeed. My journey has been more challenging than some and more manageable than others.

Merna aims to help you find enthusiasm, energy, direction and clarity while creating an intentional stress-free life. This is accomplished by following a revitalising Flow Method created by her to build and recognise coping strategies and enhance emotional resilience.

Fascinated by ideas and mindset, Merna loves to explore links between seemingly unrelated proceedings. Faced with any given scenario, Merna effortlessly spots consistent patterns, associations and issues to assist you in transforming your life.

Merna’s goal is to help you relax and unwind so you can enjoy a stress-free life on your terms and do whatever you desire.

After a 60min Adventure Session, you can decide I am a match to mentor you to eliminate what confuses, frustrates and irritates you to create an intentional stress-free life on your terms.

Discover hidden abilities that will allow you to be enthusiastic and energised. By implementing strategies and systems, you see and do things differently to create the life you want to enjoy. We teach you how to take your life’s experiences and make them work for you.


Doing life Differently came about because of 2 significant Ahha moments for me. When I say “aha moments” – think of sudden wake-up calls, slapped in the face, pay attention, get-it-now moments. My Ahhaa’s came like this –

First, it was:

No employer owes me anything—no security, no loyalty – no future. WOW – I had a deep belief that I had not recognised my whole life. I felt that employers were bound to be loyal and treat me well. I had worked in organisations contracted to the Government, and when those contracts ended, it was – so long, see ya. It didn’t matter that I was damn good at what I did or that I worked longer, harder, and more efficiently than anyone else. We all got the same kick in the pants.

The next aha was: You are the only one responsible for your well-being – and if you lose your job – you are accountable for being financially secure or screwed. When my employer did not renew my contract, it impacted every other aspect of my life – my emotional and mental health, physical well-being, and lifestyle.

My subsequent enlightenment was:

I hated everything (seriously, everything) I was doing. There was not one ounce of enjoyment in my life. Nothing I did was for fun; it all felt like a chore – something that needed to get done – and usually for someone else. I felt pressured to perform, produce and make a profit for someone else. My time was not my own; I had deadlines,  processes and procedures to adhere to. I did not realise that my work was enjoyable and fulfilling; I resented having so much to do, no time spare, no appreciation or value, and never had time for myself.


Overwhelmed, stressed, and tired of feeling out of control, I began seeking ways to Do Life Differently. So you can create a stress-free life and feel more stable. You can feel secure in your abilities and enjoy everything you do daily.

I believe that work is where you go to have a good time contributing and serving others in a valuable way. Getting paid is a bonus. Everything I did was fun, from hospitality to admin, driving instructor to customer service, retail and party plan, presenter and speaker. It is stressful when it’s not fun, and it is time to get out. Change.

Change is easy. Except when you have financial and family commitments trapping you. When a certain income level is a requirement, change can become scary and dangerous and feel like it is not an option. Chat to Merna now about what you can do.

Like most of us, I got stuck in a rut, living from day to day doing the things that had to get done to get through each day. Getting further behind, with more and more to do, the monotonous routine and productivity pressure was soul-destroying. I felt taken for granted, unappreciated and undervalued. I never looked forward or even considered what would come “later.” I just kept on going.


One day, it occurred to me – there has to be more to life. I mean, life doesn’t have to feel like an endless struggle or continuous battle. Realising I felt life was no fun and everything was a chore, I decided to seek ways to Do Life Differently to create a stress-free life. I knew something was missing but was unsure how to discover or rekindle my enthusiasm. I felt life was passing me by, and I was unprepared for the changes. For a long time, I believed that to be successful, you must have accomplished some miracle, conquered the odds, discovered the unknown or performed a fantastic feat. Then I had a realisation that changed everything.

Deciding to learn how to Do Life Differently, I searched for ways to confidently enjoy life while creating and doing what I loved. It helped me receive more and make a stress-free life. I enjoyed living life on my terms.

Merna’s goal is to help you relax and unwind, reduce your stress, build resilience, decrease overwhelm and live life on your terms so you can enjoy doing whatever you desire.

She has adequately supported people in disadvantaged circumstances struggling to survive to assess their lifestyle and develop the confidence to change. This skill leads them to improve their lifestyle and create a stress-free fulfilling lifestyle. Merna shares knowledge she applied to her life – and it works!!.

Balance is the key. If you are not challenged, you accept it as is. When you have no expectations – you do not grow. If you do not question – you stagnate. You do not value yourself when you do not take pride in who you are and what you believe. By not failing – you do not learn – nor succeed.


These comments are from people who are now “Doing Life Differently”.