Here’s my story…

It’s sad but true..

Bout a girl who didn’t know what to do…

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You were not put on this planet, given this life for no reason.  You are here for a purpose.. make it count!

Sharing your story with the world – or your own world, will inspire others to change their habits, or their thinking.

Yes, its uncomfortable,  yes it’s probably embarrassing, but hey – if sharing your story stops or saves someone else from doing something that is embarrassing – well, its completely worth it.

I’m suggesting, no telling you this for a few reasons…

1.  I have been inspired by others stories…    I have learned so much from people who have graciously shared with me their personal struggles – it has made me more compassionate (though some may think not  🙂 ),   it has stopped me from being self absorbed and has taught me to be grateful for all things.

2.  I have changed my life by creating a different story – a new reality.   –  Jordan Adler from Send Out Cards shared his story of being at a low point in his life – and he crafted a new story – a new life – when he wrote it, he didn’t know if it would work out the way he said.. but he wrote it nonetheless.    Several years later – sharing his story on stage, inspired another lady to do the same thing.

She wrote to Jordan, 3 years later, telling him how his story lead her to take some steps to change her life – and she did.    You just never know who you will inspire or motivate, or what will change for you – if you craft your own story.    Get started now.


Who cares about your story  – I do for one.   Yet more important than that is – YOU should.    Your story is important to you.. you did the best you could with what you had – and now its time to give back to others and help them.   For no other reason  than this… share your damn story.     Don’t do what I did and wait too long!

If you do this, your life will change.    Perhaps not in ways that “stand out” – or massively (though I believe the changes will be massive) – your life will change… for the better.

Simply sharing your story, will attract to you others who can relate to your story, perhaps even compliment it, and this will grow your business or change your life in some way..

Don’t wait.. reach out.. share your story – in video, in blogs, in pictures even…   whatever you feel comfortable with – in workshops, at events… where you can…   the sooner the better.

You can read some tips on how to Craft a Compelling Story over on my blog  How to Craft Your Story and Share it with the World.

 If your struggling to work out not just what kind of story you have.. but you don’t even know how to write it.. you may find this blog post useful also

By the way… here’s the video that started all this..

For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.
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