Heres a different way to think about changing your life!!   Do you realise that you have been holding yourself back.    If you desire a better life and want to change your life… think about these things..      I believe these 3 Steps to Change apply to any circumstance – improving wealth, personal development, changing your lifestyle, moving out of a rut, creating an online or network marketing business..  it all comes down to these three things..


Changing from an Employee – and becoming an Entrepreneur 


 So the other day over lunch, I got to chatting to a friend of mine who is just starting out in business – creating beautiful silk bouquets for all occasions.  

 She is doing quiet well, has been out presenting herself and marketing, created some contacts gaining business.  We got to talking about online marketing – and I went off on a tanget about facebook fan pages, and email newsletters, videos and “internet stuff”. 

 Amazingly she was impressed by my knowledge and asked if I could show her how to set these things up.  We scheduled a time and I then spend a week, wondering if I had done the right thing spruiking about my ability.

She arrived and 3 hours later she had understood the relevance of capturing names on her fanpage rather than just getting people to “like” it, an email newsletter template created with her webpage header on it.. and a set of autoresponders created.  I had began a video, photoshopped some of her pictures and we had a wireframe of a new fanpage created.   She left in headspins  and I was totally on a high because I actually had put all the information I had learned to good use – and surprised myself at how much I knew.  I actually had a happy customer!! 


Now this task was at first a little daunting, because in reality I have only created all this for myself, and it was literally a “learn by clicking buttons” – technique.     So I was more than nervous about doing this for her, because, its one thing to do it for yourself –  doesn’t really matter if it doesn’t look any good – or gets to tough – you just quit – Right?

When you have a “client” – you cant give up.. – Well you can, but I don’t think it is good for business.   Besides the goal is to create more business too right!.  So you really need to do a good job – people want value for money dont they?


The importance of rapport…

This little activity for me could have had challenges in a lot of areas.  Not just the technical aspects, but my relationship with myself and my "client".  Thats why I now understand the importance of rapport. 

The whole challenge was made easier for me because I felt comfortable with this lady – we had known each other quiet a while and I felt no pressure.  She had seen some of the work I had done for my own business and so knew what to expect.  After all, it was that work that made her ask – where'd you get it done?  Well what do you say… I had done it.. which lead to  – How?  Next thing you know, she's sitting in my home office and Im giving a "lecture" or "tour" of all the things I had done, all the things I want to achieve and how Im going about it.  


Firstly – you so totally know more than you think you now.   Dont keep trying to know that you are 100% certain about what your doing – you will never know until you actually START…  then once you get going – trust in yourself and the person who you are helping.   Listen to what they have to say – and do that.  You actually dont have to do any more than that  – and if you do  –  thats a bonus for them!!.    If you understand them and the outcome they want to achieve.. whatever you do is "right".  

So summing up…. 

  Believe in yourself… you do learn things….. you do understand… you can do whatever you desire to achieve. 

  Start –    if you dont start  – you will never know how much you know, whether you have to learn more, or just how terrific you are.  Get going – everything will be fine. 

  Build Rapport   –  if your client knows your work, knows your integrity and you can communicate –  all will work out!!..   

Its that easy… really…  if you knew me – you would know that I am honest, but more importantly – you would know that this is an amazing "breakthrough" for me.  I wouldnt tell you about it – if I didnt get it…   

Oh – by the way  –  here is a video of the work my friend does.      She makes bouquets, corsages, buttonholes,  – anything you want  – out of silk flowers..   

Surprise here please and contact her – because she doesnt get the power of the internet.   She is thinking "local business"..   he he he.. imagine when she gets a global order….