Vital Tools To Get You Started

Below are some of my recommened online resources… tools and products, real gems that I treasure as part of my arsenal.


Paid vs Free.    I would suggest going paid..which involves a monthly subscription.. but the paid versions allow you to do a lot more than the free versions.  They have affiliate links as well, so you can recommend them to your followers, customers and clients and reimburse yourself for the cost… and begin your making money online success.

The free autoresponder, which I have used and still do occasionally is MailChimp…

However the paid one that I use is Aweber…  and the others I have heard are good also.  However, Aweber is the one with the seal of approval from all online marketers.. it sets the standard for email deliver ability, and is really the crux of your whole business.  Your list IS your business, so never skimp on yor autoresponder.

Try them out for just $1, they’re affordable, reliable and easy to use.    A must if you want to succeed online.

Get Response is another that is highly recommended by online marketers.

Icontact and Sendpepper – can do much more also for when your business skyrockets. iContact, allows you to import leads, whcih is something Aweber does not.  This is a useful tool when you host webinars and would like to stay in touch with attendees.

So there you go…  plenty of choices.   See what fits your business, test them out to get a feel for them and use what works for you.


So, your domain name is like your Business name… it’s the piece that you use to send your buyers too.

There are many places you can buy domains – like Go Daddy, Crazy Domains and  123-Reg to name a few I have used.   All offer great services, great prices for domains and super easy to use when directing url’s to your hosting etc.


Hostmonster..  –  another must have.   A Hosting Service is like your shop.  It’s where you store all your product – or in this case your website (which holds all the useful informaiton that you have as your product).   There are many to choose from.     Again you need to find a fit for your business, as they are all very competitive price wise – all very affordable and reliable.    There is a lot of support provided if you have any problems  – which you usually don’t.    (there was one time, I had some technical issues – but that wasn’t Hostmonster’s fault.  It was more my lack of technical knowhow… a story for later perhaps.

Here are two others that I have used and have not had any issues with.    There are so many to choose from.



Now you have your business name (domain url) – and store front (hosting) all done, its time to look at getting some fittings (wordpress themes and plugins) – to get everything how you want to.


Optimize Press –  once you get the hang of it – which is fairly easy – you’ll be able to create opt in pages, sales pages, squeeze pages, membership sites, product launches and so much more.   Absolutely awesome tutorials that make it so easy to use, all for a one time price.

If you want something even easier and simpler Id go with either (or both) of these..


Lead Pages..   easy to use templates set up – and all you need to do is fill in the details, save and publish and you have a magnificent optin, sales, thankyou or product launch created in a matter of minutes..     Totally love love love this product.


Keeping a record of who buys what from where is a must.   After all you don’t want to be spending money in places that aren’t giving you a return on investment.

There are some free tools.. like and a prettylink (free and pro) version..  but my personal favorite is   The low set up monthly fee is well worth knowing where your income is coming from and whats working and whats not.

Link Trackr is another that I have heard of.


I recommend Vitoria Castro’s Dominate Video product that gives so much valuable video training..   For a little more in depth then go to Video Genisus.

Amazon S3 – used in conjunction with your video marketing software, is a reliable and cost effective way of storing large video files (rather than taking up space on your hard drive) .  Essentially – you just upload and store your videos – it’s not much more than that.

Screenflow (Camtasia or Jing)   are great tools for recording and editing.

It’s pretty simple,  record the video, screen capture, or slides and then upload them to Amazon S3.   I found it simple to use, but it takes practice to get everything to flow.  Not hard ones you get going.



Allows you to integrate SMS Text messaging and voice broadcasts wth Aweber.


Record conference calls, collect testimonials, put audio and videos on your website and blogs, and sizzle calls and hotlines.

They also have an iphone app.


Maxemail gives you a dedicated virtual fax machine for $14.95/yr.  You get a dedicated fax phone number, and all faxes go directly to your email as a PDF attachment.