How to Interpret the Results of the Personal Value Inventory Quiz.Personal-Values-Quote

A Value is a personal standard that you feel is extremely important.  For example,  a career that allows you work life balance or personal freedom on a daily basis may be more important to you than achieving status from your peers or bowing to social values and beliefs.

Living by your personal values is a form of conscious living,  Completing the Personal Value Quiz allows you to develop, know and understanding your individual values.  This is important for the following reasons, It:

  • grounds you and
  • connects you to your inner self.
  • is where your character begins and can be strengthened.
  • allows you to follow your dreams and passions.

If you do not know yourself then you are more inclined to do your work, or life in a half hearted manner, or worse, feel lost as you go about your daily routines because your heart and soul is not completely into.

Knowing your personal beliefs and values, builds and defines your character.  These personal values are what develop your character traits.  Having a clear belief and value system is also what attracts like minds to you, in business and in friendship.

Can you recall a job or activity that you did, simply because you “had” to and the enjoyment was not there. It could be because it was not something that held particular value for you.

Taking the Personal Value Inventory Quiz gets you thinking about what may or may not be important to you and this gives you a starting point to where you may be best suited working or building a business.

Do you enjoy assembling furniture or using your mechanical aptitude or hands – or do you dread having to take something apart and reconstruct it?

Are you just plain crazy about organizing others, and managing activities? Is it important that your work environment be organized. If you value accuracy, attention to detail and organization, then your skills may lie in leading others, or with analyzing numbers – like accounting or such.

Knowing yourself is how you can then make decisions about what you do and what you focus on.

It’s a good time management tool as it allows you to allocate where your interest lies and you can then eliminate all those things that are not in alignment with your purpose.

So How do you use the results of the Personal Value Inventory Quiz.

Each Value is scored Low, High Or Average. – Do you want to be average?

A low score indicates that this value is not particularly strong for you, which means working in those areas may not be of interest to you.

An average score, shows that you could go either way with this belief and value, its not absolutely important to you, but it is something that you may be interested in.

A High score reveals that this is something that you are completely passionate about and would excel in. You would excel, because you would be doing something that you absolutely love love love. People with High values, tend to be more involved in a variety of activities and enjoy challenges.

Look for employment, or businesses that incorporate the values that you are strong in and you will find that you will get greater satisfaction from doing these that other activities.

For example..

Having a strong value in Nature Appreciation means you enjoy the outdoors and beauty. You value nature and all that is in it. You possibly work best in an outdoor setting and feel more comfortable there. Any activities you undertake may involve preserving nature. If this is something that you feel strongly about – consider creating a space in your home, or yard where you can feel in touch with this, or work in this field.

Having high moral values allows you to feel strongly about protecting people and property and you would be suited to working where you can uphold or influence moral, ethical and/or religious outcomes. Something related to people would be enjoying for you.

High creativity makes you very self expressive. You enjoy the arts and music and can appreciate their deeper meaning, time and talent involved in establishing these works. You appreciate beauty in people and your surroundings and are energized by working in creative fields, or being around creative expression.
Find something that allows you to share creativity with others.

A Truth Knowledge value indicates that honesty, truth and integrity are important to you and you are inclined to sift through information in search of knowledge and intellectual understanding. Work in the sciences appeals to you.

These examples should give you a greater understanding of how to use and interpret your values.

If you score low in a particular value, perhaps consider how that impacts on your life and the choices you make.

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Want to know more – here is another Personal Value Assessment to take.  Its free.