Change Bad Work Habits


Changing Bad Work Habits

Work Stealing Family Moments?

Meet Jane… a corporate go-getter in a leadership role.  Jane enjoys the challenges of her job, the variety, the pace and the opportunity to be creative.  However, she has created some bad work habits that she didn’t even know needed changing until we chatted.  While spending your time productively in your role, you can develop routines that are detrimental to your enthusiasm for your work.  Changing bad work habits helps stop work from invading your private life, stealing precious moments of joy like a thief in the night.


We deliver a fresh outlook on life and work by creating simple changes to those strategies that may be serving you in a detrimental way.  Bad habits have a way of sneaking in unannounced when our mind is focused on getting the job done.   Gain more contentment with your role and the future seems brighter.  With dedication, some time and a clearer personal vision, simple changes were made that allowed Jane to enjoy work more, still feel accomplished and most importantly gain the ability to relax.

  • Clear Aligned Values

  • More Time, Less Overwhelm

  • Increased Work Enjoyment

Live Life on Your Terms
Direction, Clarity, Focus
Intention, Inspiration & Intuition
Energy, Enthusiasm & Zeal 90


Jane began to be curious and inspired after she changed bad work habits she was unaware of. She realised that she had more to offer than your current role allowed. She even noticed and made a decision that allowed her to be even more “ready for change.” Whilst not certain of what she felt, her courageous decision allowed her to expand her comfort zone, create a new image of the future and redefine her role and work. Now she has balance, bliss and financial bounty.

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