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The purpose of the Entrepreneurial Spirit Challenge

This challenge is about creating awareness.  It is to get you thinking about the areas you are strong in and the areas that may be holding you back.   Be honest with yourself when you answer the questions.    –    Then take the areas that you did not feel too confident in – and begin to seek out help and resources to help you build those characteristics.

Use this challenge to as an opportunity to grow.  Click the picture to be taken to the Challenge.









The Importance of Knowing How You Learn 

Why does this matter – well, simple really.  If you understand your strongest learning method – then you can tailor your learning to suit you.   Ever wonder why things just didn’t sink in –   maybe it was because as a visual learner – you were forced to sit and listen….   or vice versa.    Once you know how you learn… you can choose the best method for you so you actually get value out of what you are doing.

It also will help you to realise that perhaps the way you teach others – is not their best method of learning.  It will save you a tonne of frustration, because you then can tap into their learning style – and every one benefits.

Click the pictures below to take some Learning Sytle Quizzes…

All of them give you tips and ideas on how to learn using your particular learning style…

The Colour Quiz  

Personality Colours

The Colour Quiz – categorises your learning style in colours..

Click the picture to discover your Colour.


Learning Style Quiz


This Learning Style quiz breaks your learning style into Seeing, Hearing, Touching.

This helps you to tailor how you learn to a style that will best suit you.



This One is about whether you are an active learning, a reflective learner, an ideas learner, or a theory learner.

Another way to know how you learn to ensure you are being taught and can actually learn the right way for you.




Finally the last quiz is about your learning style in regards to career choices.



 Personality Effectiveness Skill

EagleOwlTake the Personal Effectiveness Skill test by clicking the picture.   This quiz gives you an overview of your strengths and weaknesses and how to work together with other people



Value Inventory

Personal-Values-QuoteKnow Your Values  by taking the quiz.  Just click the picture to the left and find out what matters to you.

Once you have completed the quiz, follow the instructions on this page to get your results.