Lets take a Reality Check..

Did you know Limiting Beliefs will hold you back…

Until you get this part of your life and your head where it needs to be, you will NEVER be successful or change your life.

It is impossible.

You MUST get this right!

There is no website, no program, no marketing system, no lead source, or product that will save you.  If you don’t get your head where it needs to be, everything else is just a waste of time, money and effort.

Success, in anything in life is,

90% mental.. and 10% mechanical

Everyone of us lives in a different world and different reality. 

In fact, there are 6 billion+ realities taking place on earth right now.. this very moment.  Six billion!And every single one of them is differentWith 6 billion different lists of rules for what is possible and what isntWith 6 billion different perceptions of one event.With 6 billion different ideas of what truth, morals and justice mean, YOU live ina completely different reality to everyone else.I live in a completely different reality than you do.You make your rules…    I make mine.You live by what you think is possible in your world..I live by what I think is possible in mineEach person has created the rules that define their reality or has adopted the rules of others. 

The Key to this is.. 

YOU have the power to completely create the rules that define your reality.  And you can do it instantly. 

What was impossible today, can be possible tomorrow…

if you desire it to be. 

You live in your own personal reality

Limited by your own personal set of rules..



in any situation the ideas, concepts and beliefs of the person with the trongest reality will be adopted by the other party.

Let me explain,,, Enter the Huli Tribe

a tribe of people living in remote Papua New Guinea.

Until recently, they have never been exposed to anyone or anything outside of their immediate area. they live in a world of endless forests with no other people.

You and I truly do not exist.

There are no countries, There are no such things as plastic, steal or paper.  No telephones, computers or internet.  The only flying objects are birds, and man has never been to the moon.  There are no governments and there is no stock-market.

The two world wars never took place.  Electricity, telephones and roads do not even show up in their dreams.

They could never comprehend the sight of a beach, or open ocean.  Whales, sharks and submarines?      Nope.

These things TRULY do not exist in their world.. and they would DIE to protect their reality of the world, just as countless humans have died to protect ther realities throughout history.

Yet, you and I know they are real.   We live in different realities with different possibilities. But the Hulis reality is just as real to them as yours is to you.

We live in different realities.   with Different Possibilities…

Just at the Hulls reality is real to them   so to is YOUR reality REAL to you

Did you know:

people attract others who live in realisties similar to theirs.. your reality is a reflection of of the way you see yourself inside.

If you Truly BELIEVE you are already successful   then you will automatically DO the things successful people do,

which will automatically attract other successful people.  You can’t fake it!

The belief has to come first… which corrects the action   and brings results 

and the best part… YOU are only a Decision away…

Explore your Options…   Align yourself with these peoples worlds.

Expand your thinking.. be willing to adopt the rules they live by, and do business by.

Things you thought were once impossible for you   Become possible

Ideas you have never had before will appear

Your outside world will begin to change as you apply new rules.

The ability and the means to accomplish your goals will present themselves.

If YOU wnt a new life.. a different life… a free life…

the life of an entrepreneur

You must seek out people who live in the world you want….

Decide on the reality you want to live in…

Define your rules…  create a new map…

Some rules Mike Dillard lives by:

I DO NOT fear poverty, because I will always be rich

Making 1, 000 000 a month is not only possible but a foregone event,

People like trust and respect me.

There is no busines skill I cannot master

I attract TOP TIER prospects effortlessly because they can see that I share a similar reality to thiers

this is doable… if your belief is stronger than those in your current world…


Define your new reality…   LIVE IT…. SLEEP IT… DREAM IT….

Read books written by mentors

Adopt their realities..