Livlng Life On AutopilotSwap Living Life On Autopilot for Living Life Like A Fighter Pilot.  Be A Happier You.

Does seeing people who have stopped living irritate you?

You know, those people who walk around in a daze, zoned out to life, zombies.

Maybe you know them, the ones who do things mindlessly without awareness of what you are doing.   Like saying “yes” to invitations that if you considered them, you most likely wouldn’t have said yes to.

These are people striving to get by, but accepting things in a defeated manner, living on autopilot.       It truly devastates me.

It’s (insert swear word) f….g miserable.  It’s painful to watch.

Yet 70% of our world is Living Life On Autopilot!

I used to live like this – going about each day, mindlessly doing what I thought needed to be done.  Trying to keep everyone happy, instead of doing what makes you happy.

There is no light in their eyes, they have no dreams, no goals.

You must quit the life you hate to start living.

Working on autopilot means that you are avoiding pain and seeking pleasure.  You are doing what you know and are comfortable with.   Yet in the long term, the instant gratification and pleasure will cost you as it stops you from taking decisive action to greater professional enjoyment, fulfillment, satisfaction and financial security.

I was talking with somebody the other day about a friend who is changing careers and they said, “If I was them I would just lie down, take it and work for another 10 years even if I hated it, just to retire. They’re so close. Why start again?”

Doesn’t it make your blood boil?   It’s giving up on life.

Doing the movements–the degree/the debt, the office job, the pension, the mortgage, waking up everyday hating a job you have to work to support the house –you were conditioned to buy, with a degree you didn’t really use, all to accomplish a meagre pension you’ll never use because you’ll get a disease from your misery and die before you can enjoy it – isn’t living.

We live in a time where so many options are available. People are creatively establishing jobs and businesses out of nothing, and making a lot of money from it.

There are kids pranking their moms on their Youtube channels getting paid 60,000 a video off advertising.

Have you realised what you can do?

I think too many people lay down in a life they don’t love and go, “Well, this is it, it’s all I know and can do, so I’m stuck here”.

Mental Health problems are on the up and up – depression, anxiety, suicide rates are increasing – all because we feel hopeless, worthless and useless.

Who says it has to be this way?

How much of your life are you letting slip by, without paying attention to all the great opportunities that present.   (A thought just popped into my head.. I have a chance to go to Egypt – I need to find a little more money, and Im letting that opportunity go – because I can’t seem to put in the effort to make it work!!!)

Everyday, you are given the option to stand up for something you believe in, to contribute to the world in a greater way, to follow a dream.

Are you letting that slip by you all because you are fearful of the outcome?

Do you refuse to take that chance, because you want to live comfortably? What are you afraid of – losing your job, having no money, being criticized and ridiculed, losing friends?

What is the point of living forever, if right now – you are living dead anyway.

And you refuse to do it because you are afraid. You refuse to do it because you want to live longer. You’re afraid that you will lose your job, or you are afraid that you will be criticized or that you will lose your popularity, or you’re afraid that somebody will stab you, or shoot at you or bomb your house; so you refuse to take the stand.

Well, you may go on and live until you are 90, but you’re just as dead at 38 as you would be at 90. And the cessation of breathing in your life is but the belated announcement of an earlier death of the spirit.”          -Martin Luther King Jr.


The sooner we look inside ourselves, the sooner we begin to heal.

The quicker the world is filled with love, the quicker it will regenerate.

You aren’t doing anybody any favours when you stop living, stop trying, stay comfortable.

When we do what we love, we heal this world.

Now, Im not suggesting you have to save the world, be some superstar or well known guru. You don’t have to go live in a 3rd world country and try to save them (unless you want to) – I’m just saying – Be True To Yourself!

Speak your truth, be your truth, live your truth—and go make some money off your truth while you’re at it.

Disease or dis-ease comes from bottled up, unaddressed emotions that need and outlet so they turn into pain – physical or mental.     If you are living on autopilot, mindlessly going about your day doing what has to be done, not what you enjoy.. it’s time to consider Doing Life Differently.

It’ll kill you, if you don’t expand your world. Flesh out what’s going on for you and shift up a gear


Tip No 1  Connect

Connect with all things that are true to you – your friends, your dreams, nature. Get back in touch with what it is that is real for you, that helps you relax and enjoy life.

Focus on what brings joy to your life… and does your work do that?

Tip No 2   Value
To ensure you get the greatest satisfaction out of what you do, ensure that it enriches you and others – align that with your values – what is important to you.
Don’t get deterred from your goals and dreams by being distracted, or torn away from what it is that is truly important to you.
Discover your values and work in integrity to accomplish what you plan.

Tip No 3   Dream

I read a story once, about Walt Disney, and how he had 3 rooms in his building. One room was the dream room – where ideas where allowed to flow freely with no rebuke.      After ideas are tabled, then they go to the Realist Room.   This is the step where you get real – you strategise, plan and make your idea come true.   Once you have the idea, and the plan then you go to the Critic Room.  This room is the no holes barred say what may hurt you room – where you think of what could go wrong, how they could prevent problems, and what the project might cost.


Now if you are dragging yourself through each day, not enjoying what you do and not daring to step out of what you know and your tired of living life on autopilot, follow the tips above  – connect with others, value yourself and dream and plan to align yourself with what you desire.

How does it heal this world if I do what I love?

Because when you do what you love, you shine.

You become happy.

You float like a weightless gorilla swinging through your days because nothing is heavy anymore.

People will walk up to you and when you tell them they will go, “Ahhhhh, that’s why. You’re happy because you do what you love.”

“But, what could yo do” You ask.   There are so many options, when you know where to start.  Follow the 3 tips above and you are on your way.

Don’t worry that some people have more than others.. they didn’t have that when they started.   We all get given the same to begin with – brains, ability and opportunity – it’s just that some of us, do what others tell us to do and now what we truly want to do…   some of us do what we think we can do because it’s easy – you don’t have to push through the day too much.. or change anything.

Then there are a small few – who dream bigger, think more, and get out there –

Scarily willing to risk their lives for what they believe in – and they get rewarded handsomely for following their hearts – because they align their actions, their thinking with what they believe.

You could just want to be the best mother in the world – go do it – and share how with others.

Maybe art is your thing – go do it – and share it with others, mix with people who love art – someone will want to buy it.. get better and better – paint your pain – somewhere, if you are following your dreams – you will succeed.

What if – digging holes is all you enjoy – go do it – you’ll strike gold or some other precious mineral one day…   just get out there.   When you are the best hole digger in the world – you’ll be asked to do it more and more – and you’ll make money from it.   More importantly – you’ll be helping others too.

So quit stalling, quit making excuses, quit living life on autopilot, quit saying you need this to happen first.. go do it.

Quit blaming everybody for not living your life.

And go try.

You know what you are passionate about, it’s right in front of you – now just get ambitious.

Stop avoiding it. Stop telling yourself “you cant make money from that”. Look around you – see what weird and wonderful things people are getting paid to do…

There is plenty of living proof that you can’t get paid to do weird things – oh wait – someone gets paid to dress up as a banana and dance in the streets, someone gets paid to create beautiful creations, to design weird buildings, to turn rubbish into recycled magnificence…

Why Can’t You Get Paid to Do What You Love…

To Enjoy What You Do…

I know the answer to those questions – and you don’t want to hear them. It’ll insult you – but you do need to wake up –stop living life on autopilot and stop insulting yourself and all those around you who need what you have.

Stop Living Life On Auopilot – Go Do It..   Go Live Life Like You Enjoy It!.