Have you noticed a shift happening?

Are you more emotional, less emotional, more thoughtful, less thoughtful, more energetic, less energetic, more aware, intuitive, interested?  Does your world seem slightly off centre, out of balance?

There seems to be a change of vibrations and energy as people are becoming more sensitive to the needs of others and to the needs of the planet.

Now it may just be me, because I seem to be attracting a different kind of person into my world at the moment, and that is why I am feeling this transference in energy levels around me.     I am noticing some people are becoming more open, more friendlier, kinder, appreciative grateful for things around them and in their lives.

If you are aware or feel that things are changing around you and you want to help it along, but are not sure how to prepare for this energy shift, below are 5 simple suggestions.

  1.  Cleanse Your Body.
  2.  Be Creative
  3. Get Back to Nature
  4. Listen to your Intuition
  5. Center Yourself.

It pays to look after yourself and as we are easily distracted by the latest inventions or apps, and we tend to sit around more, immobile on mobile – it would be wise to restore your energy store.  Cut back on those things that you use to find instant gratification – alcohol, bad food, smoking, not exercising.   You will live longer and your energy is more vibrant when you treat yourself (and others) with respect.

2. BE CREATIVEpansypaint

Rediscover, or uncover your creative streak.  Let it run free. Take up writing, start a blog, sing, dance, paint, draw, garden, invent, restore, cook – however you let your creativity flow. With these energetic shifts happening all about, now is the time to tap into your creativity.   Don’t think you are creative – neither did I, until I took a class and learned that there is nothing to compare yourself to when you are creative –  that’s what makes it “creative” – the fact that it is your own interpretation of something.   There is no right or wrong.


Just like Home Free Vocal Band say in their “Alabama Sampler” video…  why not get out and about in the clear creeks and cool mountain mornings… appreciating all that the world has to offer to brighten your life and help you rediscover who you are.

Take some time to slow down and stop being in a hurry to get things done, “I rush and rush til life’s not fun.. all you really got to do is live and die  – Im in a hurry and don’t know why”

So go dance out in the rain, get back to nature.  Take a hike, go camping,  run free, out in the country grateful for what you love –  whitetail buck deer,  red tail hawk,  chubby groundhog, croaking bullfrog.. free as a feeling in the wind…   get back to nature.

No time – get out at night and check out the moonlight.

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Follow your gut, your intuition.  Whenever you have a feeling, a prompting to do something for someone, go with it.  That is your inner voice guiding you to take action.   Get into the habit of listening to your instincts (refer to No 3 – get out in nature) – and learn to trust yourself.    Listen to yourself, your inner voice, your gut, your intuition and follow the advice.  If it turns out incorrect then remember to do the opposite of what you think you are being prompted to … either way listen to your inner guides.   Find them.. and act on their advice.


Center your energy, calm yourself, your energy.  Take the time to sleep, to rest. Look after yourself.   Take up meditation.  Practice yoga.  Light candles. Be in nature.  Spend time with people who energise you and balance you.   This will make you stable and less likely to react or over act to anything negative.   When you are centered, you have more energy, are less likely to feel drained and unenthusiastic about life – especially as it is shifting to a more vibrant place.

So summing up, – the Universe is expanding our worlds – and we can be prepared in an easy and simple way.   Follow these 5 Steps to Prepare Yourself for an Energetic Shift.

  1. Cleans your Body
  2. Be Creative
  3. Get Back to Nature
  4. Listen to Your Intuition
  5. Center Yourself.