Do you find it hard to complete a project? Is it hard to concentrate or stay focused?
Does this affect your time management and the ability to get things done.

Ever wonder why you wander off – look at that sparkly thing over there —  sorry – lost my train of thought… where were we again…

Have you ever really considered why the things you start dont get finished?

If these questions don’t bother you – you are lucky. Then again – have you accomplished anything? What are your greatest achievements?

– is to concentrate, to be single minded, to apply oneself, to be centred.

defined by the World Book Dictionary – by the way, looking up the meaning of focus, I got distracted by searching for the spelling of a word I know exists but cant find.. anyway FOCUS. . that thing you do when your not doing something else.

Perhaps I should write a list of all the things I need to do – to keep focused.

Now you where waiting for the meaning – did you see that butterfly just go by – oops …. FOCUS
sorry – phone rang – had a lovely chat to mum, catching up tomorrow – should add that to the list of things to do…. Now what were we doing

aaahh yes FOCUS
the clear and well defined state of an image – the point which rays of light, heat or other radiation meet after being reflected from a mirror.. the central point of attention, activity, disturbance, or other attraction…


So in our lives – where is your central point of attention, activity or other attraction?

For many of us, our focus is on all things negative. Instead of appreciating or being grateful for all that we have – we focus on what we don’t have. Instead of accepting our circumstances – we focus on what we want instead of what we have. The centre of our universe is on all things we don’t want – debt, unemployment, lost friendships, hate, hurt, mistrust, bad health, relationship breakdown, – everything that we do not want in our lives seems to take up the bulk of our attention.

No wonder then – that what you think is what you get… more of the same. So where is your focus…. I’ve made a conscious effort to move my attention\ from all things depressing to all things satisfying.

This is not to say that I have accepted my circumstances and Im not wanting things to change. By no means. All Im saying is I am not paying any heed to the bad outcomes, Im giving my attention to any good that I can gain from any situation. I am finding positives in all experiences – no matter how damaging – and Im focusing on seeing love, fun, happiness….

The outcome of all of this will be the inclusion of more good in my life. People prefer to talk to happy people instead of sad people. Everyone loves to have fun, be creative, enjoy life – learn from others. Instead of being dragged down into the whirlpool of misery..

Wheres your focus at?

We either focus on all the negatives, or we don’t focus on anything of consequence – see sparkly thing floating by, noises on the roof, tingles in my foot, whirring of the computer.

Then we wonder – why is life so awful. Why is nothing going how I want. – Why is everyone so horrible to me… Yet WHERES YOUR FOCUS?

Out of every experience you have had – where were you looking? What stood out for you the bad or the good? For the worst case scenario – or the best? Were you focusing on what you could – or could not do? Were you focusing on everyone else’s input – or your own.

I realise it is oftentimes easier to see only the off putting, harmful outcomes. This is what we have trained ourselves to look for. If all you ever see is bad, that is what you expect.

So in every situation there is always two choices – perhaps not in the actual situation but in your reaction to the situation. You can choose to be unconstructive and pessimistic, by attending to the negatives. Alternatively you can be constructive and optimistic and find some good in situations. Even if the only good to come of something is that you survived – at least there was good.

When you take the time to work on your attitude you shift your focus. This then allows for new opportunities to arise and things dont seem as bad as you first thought.